by DarkJade

“A Man Sits Alone In A Dark Room… Dressed In All Black, And Black Spiky Hair…”

“His Name Is Trax… He Deals With Hostile Aliens… In His Own Unique Way…”

“But In This Part Of The Universe, Where One Out Of Every Three Humanoids Comes From A Different Planet Than Your Own…”

“His Job Has Become Much… Much More Difficult”

“He Lights A Smoking Stick, And Takes A Deep Hit… Just Then Three Men Enter The Room… Their Faces Can’t Be Seen, As The Room Is Completely Dark”

“You Are Familiar With Quadrant 10 In The Stadmark Galaxy… Are You Not?” One Of The Men Asks Speaking In A Semion Language…”

“I Am…” Trax Replies, Then Takes Another Deep Hit Off His Smoking Stick

“There Is A Space Station There Known As The Cybernight–” The Man Starts To Explain, But Trax Cuts In…

“10,000 Colonists, 7,000 Of My Kind… And 3,000 Of All Assortments Of Alien Species” Speaks Trax.

“That Is Correct” The Semion Replies.

“We Have A Very… Challenging Situation Going On There… And The Individuals That I Represent–” The Semion Continues, but Trax Cuts In Again.

“I’m In…” Trax Interjects, Stands, Drops His Smoking Stick On The Ground, And Stomps It Out With His Boot”…

“Send The Intel On It To My Private Craft, And Wire Me The Money…” Trax Says, Then Leaves The Chamber.





Now The Horian Force is a special agency of Legionnaires used by the Boy Yah Government for Special Missions, where the normal military units just won’t cut it…

Whether because they’re not “delicate” enough, or simply not smart enough.

That’s where the Horian Force comes in.

The average Horian Force Battle Cruiser carries about 150 to 175 Legionnaires, and has 6 Officers Aboard, 2 Second In Commands, and The Captain their self.

Now The Captain of this Vessel goes by the name of Broda… He’s a blond haired, very fit, thirty something year old Sarant breed, which is the Primary Breed of this Galaxy. He’s Cocky… But He’s got the Ship, and Position to be so.

Now his 2nd in Commands are an Interesting duo… Twins Actually. They’re both girls by the names Ty Woon, and Sy Praeigh…

…Beautiful, dark red haired Amiant Breed, which I have to tell you… Are extremely what one might call “beasts” in bed… But they’re liable to kill you, just as easily as they are to lay with you.

So the Sarants know good and well, any “night of pleasure” in the Amiant’s company, may be their last.

But rumor has it, it’s worth it.

That leaves the 6 Officers, 4 of which are Sarants… Probably buddies of The Captain from his Training days… And they don’t seem to be worth the weight of their Cra-Tor Blasters…

But that’s politics for you.

Now The 5th Officer… He’s something completely different.

First of all he’s of a Warrior Race, known as the Atrom-eey…

Which means he’s basically somewhere over 8 feet tall… Looking at him, you might say he’s Reptilian Looking… But you’d never say that to his face… At least… Not if you wanted to live.

But unlike most Greenish, Tanish Atrom-eey’s, his scaley like skin is more of a blackish dark green.

And I swear he always seems to look my way whenever I happen to be thinking about, or looking at him… Some of them are renowned for being quite perceptive… On the verge of telepathic.

I think this one might be just that… Oh, and his name is Roxio. I’d say he pretty much carries these other 4 Officers.

And the size of his Atrom-eey Lazer Canon… Phew… I doubt any of us could lift it, let alone fire it.

But I almost forgot about the 6th Officer… Now there’s a Sight for Soar Eyes… With Roguish Good Looks… Black Spiky Hair, Deep Blue Eyes… Doesn’t seem to shave as often as he should… When he’s on duty, he’s wheres the Standard Issue White Uniform, with Red Trim…

But when he’s off duty, he pretty much dresses in all black.

He also likes those Sarant Smoking Sticks, and generally lights one up whenever he’s thinking… Which is a lot.

But I’m not quite sure if he’s exactly a Sarant…

By the way, that 6th Officer is me… Well… Undercover me… My name is Trax… But my Cover Name is Ronan… These Rich Alien Species known as the Semions, who make a lot of money in Import, Export with the Cybernight Space Station, hired me to go undercover to make sure the Horian Force are able to actually achieve this mission…

Apparently there’s a Code Red going on at this “Cybernight” Space Station… But as far as these guys know, it’s just a Code Orange.

We’re just about to drop out of Ignotsphere Drive, and take a look at this Space Station.


When our ship comes out of Ignotsphere Drive, what comes up on the screen is beyond belief.

About half of the Cybernight Space Station is on fire, and there’s 4 Trojic Battle Cruisers blasting away at it.

“GREAT SCOTT!!” yells Captain Broda.

“TAKE US TO BATTLE STATIONS!!” he then yells, and that’s when I jump in.

“I wouldn’t do that Captain” I say as I try to intervene.

He gives me one of those arrogant glance down the nose looks and “And why… May I ask… Not?”

“Trust me on this Sir… If we try to engage 4 Trojic Battle Cruisers, we will all surely die.”

“YOUR ORDERS SIR!?” yells the Helmsmen.

“Switch Uniforms with me Captain, I’ve got an idea” I say to him… Which brings a wicked grin to the Captain’s face… I think this guy actually gets what I’m thinking.




PICTURE CREDIT – Norad Space Stations


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