Brother Down

Brother Down

As I Walk above you…

Upon these soft, and Illustrious Clouds

I see your face…

Looking down

Wondering why… Why she’s gone away

I reach down to you…

You Look my way

And shake your head…

What can I say

I sit upon these clouds

Waiting for the day…

The Pain in your heart

Will go away

Brother Down…

I hear you now

Brother Down…

I’ll Be Around



2 Responses to “Brother Down”

  1. This is a really great poem- I love aswell how it has such a melodic feel to it that it could almost be a song. Great work as always DJ 🙂

    • Funny you should say that, I noticed that it came out a bit like Lyrics as well… I was listening to the Song when I was Writing it, but I generally am, so I don’t know… I guess it just came out that way.

      Thank you Anna

      Had a bit of a tough day, Nice to have you float into my orbit on this fine Winter’s Eve… It’s not Winter here, but it just sounds Cooler, Lol


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