A Bit Overwhelmed I Think

Another Beautiful Sky The other night…

I think I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment…

Part of this might be that my Brother has been Calling me and Texting me a whole lot lately, because he and his Wife of like 17 years are having some difficulties at home.

Now I don’t mind being there for my Brother, no… But this has kind have been a reoccurring theme for them for many, many years…

Maybe it is for a lot of marriages, as I was only Married for 1 Year… So what do I know? Lol

We didn’t have enough time for anything to “Reoccur”, Lol

On a positive note, he, and his two boys are coming down this coming Monday or Tuesday… Which is just Awesome, as I haven’t seen any of them for over 19 Months…

Which is a really long time to not have seen my Brother… And about 400 texts a month since then, Lol

My Brother’s a bit of a “Text-uh-holic” I guess, Lol

The other things that are going on are, My Eldest Sister, who lived in Colorado for a while, then Arizona, then near Vegas, then came back to Southern California, where she, and all of us are from…

Is thinking of moving out of State in the next year or so… Now, she’s kind of always planned on moving back to either Northern Arizona, or Colorado… But her and her husband recently took a trip, and now she’s really thinking about it.

That’s totally cool, everyone in this life should do, and live where they want to if possible… But, My Mom and I are Pretty Close to her, and she only lives maybe 8 miles away… So it will be tough seeing her go.

My Brother lives 8 hours away, and like I say, we never see one another… I used to travel to see him a lot, and even moved near him a couple times… But after 10 years or so of that, I kind of tired of being the only one doing the traveling, yah know…

Which is part of the reason I haven’t seen him in 19 Months, Lol… He’s just not able to tear away from his life too often.

Not a biggy, it’s not the only reason… I went through a break up last year, and have been really pouring myself into my writing for the last 11 Months or so…

But it’s definitely time to see him… And Monday or Tuesday shall be the day.

Beyond that, My Eldest Sister is My Editor for “I Died Once”, and we’re 1/3 done with it, but she went away for about a week, and is pretty tied up during the next week, and thus I am experiencing the down side of hiring family, Lol

I feel like anything I will say, will be regarded as “pressure” for her to complete it with me… And so I’m waiting, and will probably bring it up next week… Give her a week to recover from her road trip.

But I really am happy with her Editing.

She’s a bit shy about having her name out there Published, so I suggested that we create a “Ghost Editor” name for her… You know, like a Ghost Writer, except an Editor, Lol

She liked that idea.

Other than that, My Mom and her Boyfriend are still battling away trying to make money to keep her house…

On a positive note, the 2012 Olympics are here, which I really Love.

Looking forward to the Swimming, and Hoping to catch some Archery… Though I’m not sure how much Archery they will actually Televise.

As I sat with my notebook, trying to Write down where I’m at with a few things in regards to my Writing, I came up with this…

August – Self Publish “I Died Once”

September – Get “Chess With Agatha” Reviewed and Lined Edited by my Friend and Follower Beth

October – Start Cleaning up the First 16 or 17 Episodes of “Allure”, and hopefully prepare it to be Reviewed and Line Edited as well… In hopes to work towards Self Publishing My First “Allure” Novella at some point.

November – Perhaps Start Filming of My YouTube Version of Hamlet… Which I plan on Filming One Scene, and Posting One Scene, at a time…

If you’re curious about that, you can check out my Pre-Production Vlogs for it on My “Dark’s Media Empire” Blog’s Hamlet Section Here Hamlet

And, so, like I say… I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment, as some real life issues have been distracting me a bit from my Creative Endeavors… But that’s a good thing, right? More Inspiration for the next batch of work, Lol

Oh, one last thing, I did wake up this morning with a Whole New Story Concept… I’m not thinking I’ll make this a “Blog Series”… I may just start working on this as a book instead… But when?? Lol

I even had some Theme Music in my head (The price of being someone who used to pursue Film Making, I think of Music as well, Lol), so I called my Cell Phone and hummed the tune into my Voicemail, Lol… Otherwise these things disappear forever, Lol

Nuff Said, Time to Reset The Mechanism…

This Song I’ve always felt most represents the soundtrack of my “Inner Mind”



Have a Good Weekend



2 Responses to “A Bit Overwhelmed I Think”

  1. Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on!
    but, if nothing else, it can all be channelled back into the writing.
    Rock on, Dark Jade!

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