Black Mirage

Black Mirage

Skies Part…

Enter the Night

Your Body…


Your Scent…


Hands Embrace…

Warm Neck

Sweet Taste

Dark Hair…

Blue Eyed



Love’s Blood…

Can’t Stop Spinning

This Never Ends…

Why Would It Ever




10 Responses to “Black Mirage”

  1. “black hair, blue eyed, fox”: music to my ears!

  2. LOVE the last lines.

  3. I’ve been trained to hate the use of the word “love” in a poem, and usually it makes me cringe, but I do believe you’ve pulled it off. “Love’s Blood” has a real nice sound to it (I think it’s that vowel rhyme) and it might be my favorite part of the poem. It also helps that you use it after “wolf” and “fox” instead of after anything that seems to directly be about romance. Good work!

  4. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Invokes so much, stirring the imagination to deep depths, love it 🙂

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