Time To Get Back To It

As I Say Fairwell to My Brother and his two Boys, It’s time for me to get back to it…

The Choices;

1) Continue Cleaning Up My Fantasy Novel First Draft (Chess With Agatha) so I can Ship it off to be Reviewed and Lined Edited by My Friend and Follower Beth…

2) Write a New Episode of “Allure”

3) Start a Whole New Blog Series

4) Write a Second Episode of “Crash”, which I’ve only Written one of, so many of you may have missed it

I’m definitely open to Suggestions, or Opinions/Thoughts should any of you have any… Either way the Creative Spark shall return, and I will be Casting Ink upon the Page in a matter of hours


Here’s a Song To Help Inspire You, Lol… And Myself

By One of My Favorite All Time Bands…


The Police – Message In A Bottle





2 Responses to “Time To Get Back To It”

  1. I say keep working on the novel. It’s always easier to start something new, but think how awesome it will feel to finish something like a novel, that you’ve been working on for so long!

    • Yeah, I just got finished working with My Editor on My Novella, and it does feel great… My Novel is going to take more work, but I would like to get it off to My Reviewer/Line Editor, who I work with before getting an actual Editor

      I’m definitely working towards getting back to work on it, as I’m about 40% done with cleaning it up.

      Thanks LadyGrave


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