Bookstore Manager Likes The Cover Of “I Died Once”

Just an Update on My Author’s Blog about My “I Died Once” Poster and Cover


James Patrick Mahoney

So I spoke to the Manager of the Bookstore that’s Carrying My Poetry Book, and E-mailed her a Photo of My Book Cover Poster.

I had asked her about Book Cover Posters in the past, and she said that they generally don’t have space, and end up just giving them away… But I was so happy with the way these came out, I decided to call her and just let her know, and ask if she’d like me to send her an E-mail of what they came out like.

She said sure, and I sent it… She replied almost immediately, and said that it’s a Cool Cover, and that it’s a lot better than most “Self Published” Book Covers that she’s seen.

This stoked me… I still don’t know whether she’ll ever have space to hang one of My Posters, but at least I know she likes the Cover… I…

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2 Responses to “Bookstore Manager Likes The Cover Of “I Died Once””

  1. The cover is so beautiful. I love the flow of the lines and the colors.

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