Cool Film Fight Scenes


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon



Matrix 2: Reloaded



Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon






Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story




8 Responses to “Cool Film Fight Scenes”

  1. Great collection! (Skipped the first two because I’ve seen them several times)

  2. These are cool! Not really my sort of films, but a good fight scene is always worth watching. Did you ever see the infamous shark repellant fight scene in the 1960s Batman? It’s so awesome XD

    • Holy Hilarious!! Lol Wow, that is one of the Funniest Things I’ve ever seen… SO GLAD THEY BROUGHT IT!!! Phew! I’m so Tempted to Post that Scene by itself, and I probably will, on “The Dark Globe”, and Dedicate it to you, Lol

      Ah, let me Splain about these Movies… Not to Justify, just to Splain.

      First of all, I’m not one of those guys that just watches Action Flicks… No, far from it… Jean Claude Von Who?? And Steven Seagal, Arghhh The Worst Actor… Or at least one of them. He’s like an Italian Cook at a really low grade Italian Restaurant, who likes to put on a Clint Eastwood Accent ALL THE TIME!! And not a good one either.

      That said, These Films.

      1) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Don’t know if you’ve seen it, in fact I own it, but don’t watch it a lot, because it has a pretty sad ending… As many old “Chinese” Myth Films do. The Reasons I like this Film are plenty though. The Main Young Actress is Extraordinary, you should basically see her in anything she does. I think of her as a “dark” genius. In this film, she is very much like someone that needs “Lithium”… If you watch her performance, she just looks darkly conflicted, and just can’t quite pull herself out of it. The actress herself had studied many years of dance, which enabled her to do some Amazing things on the “Wires” that they use in the film. Also, when I wrote My Screenplay “White Jade”, she is the Actress I had in mind for the “Nyoko” Character. Nyoko is Japanese, and this actress is Chinese, but to a degree, Asians often play Characters from Countries they aren’t. And she ended up playing a Japanese in “The Last Geisha”. I didn’t care for that Film all that much, but there were some Amazing Actors in it. If you don’t see “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for anything else, see it for her Performance… Definitely. Oh, and you have to see it 1000% in Chinese with Subtitles… The English Dubbing Version is absolutely Wretched… I was fortunate enough to have seen it in Chinese first… I can’t even watch it the other way… I feel so bad it was that way in theaters I think? Not sure. Only then will you see her “Dark” inner struggle… With bad English Dubbing, it just comes of is Cheesy Melodrama, which it is not. This Film is a Blend of Old Chinese Sword Fighter Heroes Tales, which the Director had grown up with, and Romance… So to a degree, he was Creating his own thing. The Screenplay Writer/Co-Producer is very much American, and has a Knack for Romance. The two make a cool team. Don’t even bother seeing it if it’s dubbed, but do see it. If you haven’t that is.

      2) Matrix 2: Reloaded – I really Loved the First “Matrix”… At the time, I thought it was “Cool, Innovative” and fairly “Brilliant”. And I thought Keanu basically made the Film. Matrix 2: Reloaded I basically only watch, this Scene, Lol. The Film was, meh… It had a few cool moments, but I just Love This Scene. And Matrix 3 was Bollocks!! Lol A real Piece of @#$@, in my opinion. Truth be known, they should have never gone beyond the First… Except for this Fight Scene.

      3) Bruce Lee “Enter The Dragon” – Well, Bruce Lee is more of a Complicated thing for me… I’m more of a Bruce Lee Fan, than I am a Bruce Lee Film Fan. His Movies are ok, but he, to me, is Extraordinary. I’ve never seen anyone in my life move like him… No one. And so that, and his “Philosophy” about Life, are the reasons he’s one of my Greatest Heroes. Generally I can’t really sit through his movies, Lol But I do watch scenes from time to time, just to see him move.

      4) Hero – If you haven’t seen Hero, see it… The whole thing is like a Painting of Colors… The Fight Scenes are Pretty Amazing, but beyond that, the Use of Colors is Extraordinary, and there are some Really Good Actors in it, including the girl from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. But her character isn’t a big part, it’s just okay. The Character that makes this Film worth watching, beyond the Visual Display of the Cinematographer and Director is, the Character called “Broken Sword”… He is Extraordinary. One of the Coolest parts of the Film is Three People tell their version of what happened at different parts, and Each Version Told is done in a Different Color… Meaning, they’re either all wearing Red, all wearing White, or all Wearing Green, depending on whose telling their version. It’s Beautifully Epic Visually. Can’t remember if I saw it with Sub Titles or not. For me, Sub Titles disappear in my head pretty quickly, and I forget I’m reading… I prefer Film’s Native Language if I can help it. Less is lost.

      5) Dragon – Dragon is the “Bruce Lee Story”… If you want to know more about “Bruce Lee” the man, see this Film. I have to tell you, he’s one of the most Extraordinary Men to have ever walked the earth… In my mind that is. And the Martial Arts is only part of it. If you go on YouTube and watch some Interviews with him…. Phew… Man was he Cool… And Spiritual… And Intuitive.

      Well, This is a Huge Reply, and I should Probably Post it as it’s own Post, Ha. I’ll Dedicate it to you as well, Lol

      IT’S ANNA DAY on DarkJade’s Sites!! Woo Hoo!!

      5 Days until My 1 Year Anniversary on this Site… I’m pretty Excited. And you were one of my First Followers.

      Thanks for the Comment Anna


      • Ha! I love your reply πŸ˜€ I can’t say I have seen any of those movies, but I really should make the effort to watch them- I know many of them are classics and do deserve to be seen, at least once- and your description of ‘Crouching’ makes it sound really rather good πŸ™‚

        And I am in a film with Jean Claude von Whats-His-Face which is being released in January! It’s called UFO… I never met him and all I do is run around screaming in the background, but still πŸ˜€

        • Ha, I think I remember back when you mentioned you were going to be, that’s hysterical… I actually saw him once in a Mall like 15 or 20 years ago, Lol… Boots kicked up on a table in a food court, smoken a Cigar, Lol… In the mall, ha… I may have told you that before.

          Yes, “Crouching” is the one you should see for sure… But not with English Dubbing, trust me, I practically hate it with the English Dubbing… They did a terrible job, and what they say is different too.

          Although, from a visual Stand Point, “Hero” is pretty much breath taking… So see those two if you can… Hell make it a Weekend, Woo Hoo, Lol


  3. Great post, I like all of these. I was just thinking of doing a post about my fav fight scenes. You reminded me of a few. thanks, great job.

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