Hot Hot Hot! Lol

So Our A/C Died about an hour ago… Which fortunately was about 6:30pm, and it wasn’t all that warm out… Only in the meager 80’s, Lol

Earlier Today? A whole lot hotter, Lol

In fact this is like the 10th day in the row of it being in the 90’s to 100

So I sure hope we get the Fix it guy out here tomorrow before the 2:30pm-4:30pm hours, Lol

I’m a True Wimp when it comes to Heat, Lol

Maybe it’s cuz I have a high body temperature… I’m rarely ever Cold, and I over heat fairly easily… Once it gets over 80, I feel it, Lol

That said, It’s hard to Write Creatively when I’m hot, Lol

So for now, I will Post this Hugeee Glass of Cold Water, if that’s what that is, Lol

And perhaps when the Bell Rings 12 Midnight, I shall Post a Poem or something… That would be good, Lol It should be much cooler by then.



4 Responses to “Hot Hot Hot! Lol”

  1. Ouch. Good luck! We have an AC in our living room, but I haven’t put it in the bedroom yet. We’ve been pretty lucky with a couple of fans blowing out other windows to set up a steady breeze in the bedroom.
    Hope the AC guy isn’t late!

  2. This summer has been brutal. But it’s almost over. Nice weather ia a coming. I hope! šŸ™‚ I also hope we have a coooold winter. LOL

    • We actually had a pretty mild Summer… I’d say it was on average around 80 degrees… But, during the last week or so, wham 90’s to 100… It’s supposed to go down a bit, but still be in the low 90’s… We’re probably a bit lower, as we’re fairly close to the sea… Like 7 miles from it.

      I hope for a Cold Winter too, but a cold winter here is in the 50’s to 60’s, Lol Sometimes 40’s

      Thanks for your Comment Silent


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