The Votan… Hunters In The Sky

The Votan… Hunters In The Sky

by DarkJade


December 14th, 2114


It Wasn’t Until Close To Christmas Of 2114, Some 75 Years After The First Mar’s Colonists Had Settled, That The Large Dark “Alien” Ship Arrived In The Sky.

By Then There Were 850 Plus Colonists Total, Including The Babies Some Of Them Have Had.

The Head Scientist, Francois Billard, Must Have Had A Thing For The Number 8, As Every 8 Years, Starting in 2039, 80 More Colonists Would Be Sent Out To Mars From Earth’s Large Space Station, The Moria…

It Was Named After His Wife Moria… The Two Of Them Lead The First Exhibition To Mars, But She Only Lived For Maybe 30 Years After That, Leaving Him Without Her For The Following 45 Years Of His Life Up There… Kinda Sad Actually.

Yes He Lived To The Ripe Old Age Of 103… Which Isn’t Completely Unusual These Days, But Still Pretty Good.

In Fact He Died Only Four Months Before The Alien Craft Arrived… In August, Of 2114.

August 8th Actually… There’s That Number 8 Again… Twice.

At First The Colonists Contacted Us, Now Lead By A Man Named Eric Wiles… He Was The Right Hand Man Of Francois, And Fairly Well Liked Up There…

At First Earth Military, Which There Weren’t All That Many Left Of, Since Earth Centralized, And/Or Unified After The Meteor Strike Of 2084… Wiping Out Pretty Much 2/3 Of Our Planet’s Population… Got Together With The Scientists Of The Moria, And Decided To Tell The Colonists To Hold Tight.

It’s Not Like It Was The First Contact That We’d Had With Aliens… No… Though It Had Been Since Way Back in 1953 That We Had… Not That The General Public Knew Anything About That… A Cool Race At That… We Called Them The Zolans… Boy Did They Advance Our Technologies In Space Travel… Not So Much In Medicine… Though We Tried To Let Them Help Us, It Only Resulted In Several Devastating Viruses, That Killed A Lot Of People Between The Years Of 1983, And 2024… When We Finally Said Enough Was Enough, And Suggested That They Go Their Own Way.

We Haven’t Seen Them Since… Or So I Hear.

But Then On January 6th, 2115, Three Flashes Of Light Were Noted Leaving The Large Dark Craft…

And Almost Immediately, Three Of What We Call “The Votan”, Made Themselves Known To Our People.

I Have To Say, They Weren’t All That Friendly… When Approached, Without Thought, One Of Them Killed Three Of Our Colonist Scientists… And So They Locked Them Up. Now That They Let The Colonists Do Without A Fight… Very Strange.

Apparently The Voltan Are Somewhere Around 7′ 8″ Tall… Fairly Lean… And A Greyish, Purplish In Color… With Bright Glowing Blue Eyes… Kinda Creepy If You Ask Me.

But The Scientists Say That They Are Actually Quite A Beautiful Species To Behold… Our Female Scientists In Particular Seem Quite Dazzled By Them. So For That Reason, They’ve Assigned Only Male Scientists, And Guards To Them.

The Three Votan All Appear To Be Male… And One Of Them Appears To Kinda Be The Leader Of The Three… We Call Him Jarot.

He’s Not Quite As Tall As The Other Two, Maybe 7’4″, And His Eyes Have A bit Of Yellow In Them.

Two Weeks After The Three Votan Landed On The Mars Surface, The Colonists, Unauthorized By Moria, Or The Earth’s Military I Might Add, Sent Up A Cruiser Ship Carrying Maybe 25 Men, Including 8 Scientists, To Try To Make Contact With The Voltan’s Large Dark Mother Ship.

The Voltan’s Ship, Which Has A Visible Green Shield Of Light Around It, Finally Let It Down After The Cruiser Sat Out There Trying To Communicate To It For 3 Days.

Once The Cruiser Docked, The Shield Went Back Up Immediately.

None Of The Cruiser Crew Has Been Seen Since… It’s Been 26 Days.

That’s When The Colonists Contacted The Moria, And Let Them Know What Had Occurred.

And That’s When The Moria Contacted Me…

Jack Barett-

Captain Of The Alnos Expedition

DarkJade- (Ok, So I Wrote Something New, Lol)

PICTURE CREDIT – Black Themed Spaceship

Chapter One – Destination


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