The Votan… Hunters In The Sky Chapter One

The Votan… Hunters In The Sky

by DarkJade


CHAPTER ONE – Destination





“I had assembled a crew, though I still don’t know what for exactly…” Jack thought to himself.

Jack Barret, Captain of the ‘Alnos Expedition’, or so he’s been told that that’s what it’s called, sits alone in his standard all white, semi militant/mercenary uniform, with his blond spiky hair, and doubting dark brown eyes.

As he sits pondering the possibilities, he plays with the silver band around his finger, marked with the scripture “blood tough” on it.

Norr will be my head of security… With Broomstick on the ground bossing the Robo Marines around…

They say I’ll need about 50 of them…

I figure it’s some sort of Lunar Prison break… The third one in 18 months… Ever since we moved 1/3 of what remains of Earth’s Population to live in underground cities on the moon, there’ s been nothing but security issues.

Taren will pilot the ship, she’s top notch.

Unfortunately I mentioned this meeting to Jordan out of habit…

So if there’s a need for a Science Officer/Medic, now I gotta bring her along.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s the best at what she does…

But since the two of us stopped being all kissy like…

I find it a tad bit uncomfortable being around her… Nature I guess… What can yah do.

And she’ll bring that Loralie, her assistant, who basically drives me mad with all her chatty like over thoroughness…

Jack lights a flare stick, or what used to be called a cigarette, back when there was still tobacco.

I really doubt I’ll need Specs or Siri for this mission…

But I’ve put them on stand bye just in case.

Siri is a bad ass, half Russian, half Cyborg Heavy Artillery Unit Adviser…

But she’s more for situations with at least 150 Robo Marines, and they said I’d only need 50.

And Specs is a ‘Deep Space’ Ship Engineer, and I doubt we’re going very far, so I doubt we’ll need him.

Colonel Medly Richards enters the room, and snatches the flare stick right out of Jack’s hand.

“You can’t smoke that in here Jack…” he says.

Behind the Colonel enters 6 other military looking blokes, and to Jack’s utter shock, a Zolan… One of the Alien Species that used to inhabit the Earth some 90 or so years ago… Before we asked them to leave.

The Zolan are an interesting looking race, with huge black eyes, greenish yellowish scaly skin, and four arms.

“It’s not polite to stare Jack” speaks the Colonel at Jack, seeing that he has not been able to take his eyes off the Zolan.

Jack straightens himself up in his seat and starts to play with his ring again “I’m sorry Sir… It’s just–” he starts to say, but the Colonel interrupts him.

“You thought the Zolan had vacated our planet close to 100 years ago… Well that’s what you were supposed to think… And for the most part they did… Save some six advisers that we asked to stay with us” explained the Colonel.

“Oh I have no problem with the Zolans Sir… I was just surprised that’s all… What they meant to our space travel division is invaluable…” Jack tries to cover his tracks.

The Colonel smiles “Right… Well… Lets get to it…”

The Colonel clicks a small hand held device and the lights go out, and a direct link picture of our Mars Colony comes up on the screen.

Back on December 14th, 2114, our Colonists contacted us to let us know that a large, dark spacecraft had come into their skies…” he says, then clicks to another image, which is a large dark spacecraft in the orbit overlooking the Mars Colonists.

“Now we advised them to hold tight, but on January 6th, three lights were seen leaving the craft, and it ended up being three of what we are calling the ‘Votan’ ” with this he clicks the device again, and a picture comes up of a greyish, purplish sleek looking Alien creature, about 7’8′ tall, with bright glowing blue eyes…

“Now one of these Votan attacked and killed three of our colonist scientists who tried to approach them” he continued to explain.

“Great” speaks Jack under his breath.

“You have something to say Jack??” asks the Colonel who obviously heard him.

“Uh… No Sir” Jack replies.

“Alright then… The colonists then locked them up, as they did not put up a fight, and have been imprisoned and under careful watch since” with this he turns on the lights, and the screen fades.

“Now we ordered the colonists to hold tight… But instead, two weeks later, they sent a crew of 25 men, which included 8 scientists, in a small cruiser to go try and make contact with the Votan.” he continued.

“All men Sir?” asks Jack.

“Yes, it seems that woman appear to be a bit… How should I say this… Enamored of the Votan… And so for the sake of clearer judgment, they sent all men…” he explains.

“It’s now been over three weeks since the colonists crew were allowed to board the Votan’s ship, and the colonists have lost contact with them…” the Colonel looks at Jack.

“That’s where you, your crew, and 50 of our–” the Colonel starts to say, but is interrupted by Jack

“Robo Marines??” Jack interjects.

“Soldier Botts come in…” the Colonel continues.

“Uh oh…” Jack says to himself.

“And our Zolan friend here–” the Colonel starts to say, and the Zolan interrupts.

“Ordoff Sir” the Zolan says in an odd little voice.

“…right… Ordoff… Is going with you” the Colonel pauses.

“You’re going to Mars Jack…” he finishes.




PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Picture

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