Trapped With You

Trapped With You

You Are Afraid…

Alone in the Dark

You Manage your way…

But you are not alone


And you are Not Unloved

The only Constraints on you…

Are You

And so you have a Choice

Stay Alive and Fight…

Or rollover

And Die

But You Love Life…

And Color is your Sky

The Light Within you…

It Lights Up The Night

So Yes you are Afraid…

But Not of anything Real


The Fear you have inside

Is Only What You Feel…


PICTURE CREDIT – Trapped By The Tragic

2 Responses to “Trapped With You”

  1. This is beautiful, I especially adore ‘And Color is your Sky’ 🙂

    • Thank you Anna… I think I actually thought of you after I Wrote that line, you and I seem to mix color into our Writing… Which I Love doing, and also Love the way you do it.

      Thanks again Anna


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