My Latest “I Died Once” Update


James Patrick Mahoney

Could Be Finishing Editing “I Died Once” On Monday

I spoke to my Editor tonight, looks like we may get together Monday and Finish Up The Editing.

Once I do, I’ll submit the PDF to “CreateSpace”, and Self Publish it…

Once they Approve it, I will Order 20+ Copies of the book, and they’ll be here in a week.

Once I have the copies, I will be sending out 19 Copies to the Kickstarter Contibutors, and drop off a Sample Copy to the Local Bookstore that’s carrying My Poetry Book, so they can determine weather or not they’ll carry it.

I will also be sending Copies to My Line Editor/Reviewer who Reviewed and Pre-Edited the Book for me, and a couple copies to the Cover Artist.

Once they approve it for Printing, it will also be available for Purchase Online, which is just awesome.

So Excited!


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  1. FANTASTIC! Sounds like the process was as smooth as could be hoped!

    • It really was, My Eldest Sister is My Editor, and She is just Awesome to work with… Not sure she’ll be Editing any of my Future Work, only because she may be moving in the next year, and also just started a new job and will be busy… But I hope that she will always be my Editor, Lol

      Thanks for the Encouragement El Guapo, I really Appreciate it


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