Hallelujah, The Editing Is Complete… I’ve Submitted The PDFs of My Completed Novella to the Printing Company, and once it is Approved, I’ll Order a Sample or Two… If it Looks ok, I’m good to Go! Woo Hoo, Lol


James Patrick Mahoney

The Editing Is Complete! I Repeat, The Editing Is Complete!!

I had my final 4 hour Meeting with My Editor, and “The Editing Is Complete”!!


After she left, I just needed to do some Follow Up Spacing Adjustments, and then realized the Whole Document was Sized Wrong, Lol

Basically the Cover was the Right Size, but the Interior of the Book was Too Big! Lol

So I had to Adjust the Size of the Document, and some of the Fonts, and Woo Hoo! I just Submitted the PDF of My Book to the Printing Company… If/When it’s Approved, I’ll Order a sample or two, and make sure they look alright.

If everything is Cool, I’ll Order My 20 Copies that I need to send to My Kickstarter Contributors, and get a Sample to the Bookstore that’s Carrying My Poetry Book… Sooooo, Woo Hoo!!

I Feel So Happy… This is…

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  1. Good luck, i hope it works out for you.

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