Hard Heart

Hard Heart

Hard Heart…

Dark Heart

Do You know what you do to me…

You Pull me in

We Intertwine…

Our Love’s So Deep

So Real…

So True

You Hurt me…

You Toss me to the Curb

Grind me under your Black Boot…

I am not your Play Thing

You Do Not Own me…

I Will Stand Again

Though you Out Number Me…

When One Falls

One Rises Up Again…

You May Strike me

Beat me down face against Concrete

My Green Eye’s Light Will Not Falter…

In My Darkness, I Shall Return

Stand Before you…

Arms Crossed

Do Your Worse…

I’ll Take Your Vicious Blows

Like a Midnight Rain It Strikes me…

Buries Me Deep

But I Don’t Care…

Dark Heart

You Can Not Break Me…

You Will Not

Break Me




2 Responses to “Hard Heart”

  1. Powerful, empowering words. “You cannot break me. You will not break me.” Well done.

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