Trying To Be Patient, And Also Excited

Trying To Be Patient, And Also Excited

Ok, so I Officially Finished Working with My Editor on My Novella “I Died Once”, on Monday, August 27th.

At that point, I adjusted the Spacing of the Pages, and also determined that the Margins weren’t set right.

So then I adjusted the the Margins, and ended up with about a 54 Page Book.

Then I submitted the Interior of the Book in a PDF Format, to My Printing Company. The Cover had already been Submitted earlier.

Then I Submitted the whole thing for Approval, and you have to wait to look at it to see that everything looks alright.

After several days of minor adjustments to the Cover, and some additional Editing of the Interior File, I finally Submitted what I felt should be the Final Copy.

They Approved it, but I looked it over anyway… And WHAM!! The Latest Cover had been Updated, but they hadn’t Updated the Latest Interior File… This isn’t a Huge Deal, but I will say I’ve never had this issue with CreateSpace before… Hopefully they won’t start slipping in their Service… This sometimes happens when Companies are doing well… They start to let things slide, Lol

Anyway, I called them, the guy looked at it and agreed, and said he’d send it on to be Fixed, and they would send me an E-mail once they did… This I believe was the 30th? or 31st, I forget… But, they didn’t get to it before the holiday, so I had to wait three days and hope that they actually fix it, Lol

I will say, when I Self Published My Poetry Book in January, Getting the PDF Documents right was the most time consuming part of it… The rest is pretty much cake walk… Such is the case this time, but hopefully, they’ll fix it, and I’ll be good to go.

That is All

I shall let you know when I’m finally able to Approve it, and WHAMO!! It will be online for Ordering Purposes… Also, I will be Ordering 20 Copies or so for my Kickstarter Contributors, and a Sample for The Book Store that I’m going to try to have carry it.

I’ll let you know when it’s Complete

Thanks for Listening



3 Responses to “Trying To Be Patient, And Also Excited”

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    Just an Update on Self Publishing My Novella “I Died Once”


  2. Congratulations! And nice that you were able to get someone helpful form support.

    • Their Customer Support is one of the Main Reasons that I Use CreateSpace… All you do is go to there Contact Section, Click a Button that asks them to Call You Immediately, And you receive a Call right than that puts you on hold… That’s usually only for a minute, than someone comes on… It’s Awesome

      Thanks El Guapo


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