by DarkJade



Two men, both English, make their way into an elevator on the bottom floor of a 6 floor apartment building.

The balding, older, heavyset man pushes the button for the 5th floor, and it doesn’t light up… He starts to push it again, the doors shut, even though the button isn’t lighting up.

“Piece of Sh#@ building…” he says under his breath.

The dark haired man in the sharp suit then speaks “Tell me again about this man…”

The heavy set man lights a cigarette, then replies “Well… There’s only so much we know… He’s around 35 years old… We don’t know his real name…”

“Seriously?” inquires the sharp suited man.

“Seriously…” the heavy set man replies.

“But we do know he worked for the Russian Secret Service for a while… Like 3 or 4 Years… Then did some work for the Germain Underground… Maybe 4 or 5 Years… And then some work here in England, where he retired from ‘active’ service” the heavy man explains.


They reach their floor, but the elevator door doesn’t open.

The bald heavy man starts to kick the door, and cuss.

“$@#%@#!!” until it finally slides open.

The dark haired man smiles to himself slightly, as he follows the other out of the elevator.

“Fricken deathtrap” the bald man mumbles under his breath.

“So he doesn’t work for us anymore?” asks the sharp suited man.

“Well… Not officially” replies the heavy man, who then drops his cigarette on the floor, and puts it out with his heel.

“We do know that the 4 or 5 years he was with the German Underground, he was undercover as a Doctor… An Internist, or something like that… So apparently he’s had some extensive medical training along the way…” the two start to head down the hallway, looking at room numbers as they go.

“So this guy speaks a bunch of languages?” inquires the sharply dressed man.

“Six… And he also knows at lest 4 styles of fighting… Kung Fu, Judo, Taekwondo and some other one” the heavyset man explains.

They reach room 58.

“Ok, this is it… You wanta start with the questioning?” asks the heavyset man.

“Sure” replies the sharply dressed man.

They go in


A 35ish year old man, with premature grey hair, in a soft, loose grey suit, smoking a cigarette while sitting in an easy chair… One leg over the other, he has very nice shoes, but his face is just out of the light.

Curtis, the sharp dressed man, with black hair, sits in a fairly beaten up dining room table chair.

Meanwhile, Robert, the heavyset bald man, sits on the very broken down orange couch.

“So what should I call you?” Curtis asks the man in the grey suit.

The man takes a hit off his cigarette, “Russ” he replies, as if he’s making it up as he goes.

Curtis looks over at Robert, who shrugs.

“Alright… Russ… So you realize this is a 3 year assignment… Right?” asks Curtis.

Russ lifts the nearby drape, and looks down at the street “Yeah…” he replies.

“And you’re alright with that?” Curtis continues.

Russ leans into the light where you can now see his face… He’s fairly attractive, but his most noticeable feature, other than the grey hair, is he has one dark brown eye, and one dark blue.

“Yup” Russ replies.

Curtis looks at Robert, and Robert leans forward “Two colored eyes… Do you wear contacts on your missions?” he asks.

Russ leans back in his chair, out of the light once more …

He takes a hit “Nope.”

“Ok well… You realize there’s 6 hits… Or possible hits… Unless you’re able to get them to come in… But I highly doubt that” Curtis asks, and explains.

“And they’re all ex Russian Agents…” Curtis adds.

“6 subjects… All ex Russian Agents… Yup… Each one is a 6 month assignment, at which point I evaluate the situation, and either bring em in… Or take em out… Is there anything else?” asks Russ.

Curtis looks at Robert who shakes his head no.

“Nope… That’s it…” Curtis says as he takes a briefcase out from behind a hidden door in the room, and is about to bring it to Russ, but Russ is already walking right by him, takes the briefcase, and exits the room.

Curtis looks at Robert, who jumps up as if there was something they forgot to tell Russ.

Robert stumbles into the hallway “And no weapons!” he says louder than he should, but the hallway is empty.

Robert looks at Curtis.

“Is it just me, or did he have an English accent when we came in, and a Russian one when he left?” asks Robert.

“Creepy” Curtis replies, as the two lock up the room, and leave.





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