Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword – 6 Opinions Of My Novella “I Died Once”

Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword (Or Pen, As It Were) 6 Opinions Of My Novella “I Died Once”

Yes, My Baby is only 5 Days Old (Self Published That Is, I Actually Wrote It Back In Sep-Nov, 2011)

And so far I’ve had 2 People that Loved it, 3 That Liked it, and 1 Who found it wasn’t their Thing…

Back in January, 2011, when I Self Published My Poetry Book “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, I asked some 5 or 6 People if they’d Read, and Write a Review about it…

Knowing full well that at least a couple of the people I asked, weren’t really into Poetry.

As it turned out, several Loved it, and Several Liked it.

And so I got off Easy, Lol

I had Planned on Reblogging an Amazing Review of “I Died Once” (My First Review Actually) by My Friend Lorna over @ Lorna’s Voice  onto this Site This Morning (Here’s The Review if you’d Like to Take A Look “I’m Blown Away… Figuratively by Something Literary“)… But by the end of the day, I Received My 2nd Review Via E-mail, and it kind of knocked the wind out of my Sails, Lol

The Writer of the Review was someone I don’t really know, but they are an Avid Follower of My “Dark Globe“, “The Written Word” and “Author” Blogs… And I thought it would be good to get an opinion from someone that I don’t really know, but who has shown some interest in me as a Writer.

Sadly, though she felt I have Talent as a Writer, “I Died Once” wasn’t quite what she expected. I will not go into detail about the Review, as she’s decided not to Post it… But I will say one thing and that is that she thought it was going to be a “Fantasy” Novella, and indeed it is not. Fiction, yes… Fantasy, not really.

Enough said about all that, Lol

I Appreciated her Efforts and Time none the less, and as I told her, definitely didn’t feel that every person that read it would find it was for them.

Fortunately, Lorna had the complete opposite reaction, and praised me a bit more than I had expected, Lol

And thus, you “Live By The Sword/Pen, And You Die By The Sword/Pen”…

I decided to Write this Post for a Couple reasons… One, I suspect that one of the reasons that some people never actually get any of their work Published, is because of the Fear of the “Dreaded Bad Review”…

Having now Lived through a Review that did not Favor The Book, I will simply tell you, it is well worth putting yourself out there for when you do find people that enjoy the Book…

And though the unsatisfied Reader might be the one I think about as I go to sleep, and wake the next morning… The gratified reader is the one I think about the whole rest of the day.

That is all… I shall now take my Bruised Ego, and shuffle away into a corner, where I shall eat Doritos, and Fried Chicken (Not really, but I Wish), my Comfort Food of Choice… Watch a bit of College Football, and especially My Yankees this Afternoon… And then get back to Marketing My Book ASAP… Because the More People that Read It, the More I will know how it is Received Etc. Etc. Etc.

If You Haven’t Had a Chance To Pick Up Your Copy Head Here  “I Died Once” @ CreateSpace and make sure to use My New $3.00 OFF DISCOUNT CODE JNQ4P3W9, which Reduces the Price to $5.95

Also Available @ “I Died Once” @ – For $8.95 But There’s No DISCOUNT CODE on Amazon

Thank You To My Readers, Thank You To My Reviewers, And Thank You To My Comrades In Ink

Nuff Said



2 Responses to “Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword – 6 Opinions Of My Novella “I Died Once””

  1. I am getting a copy! 😀

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