Your Voice Is Like a Whisper In My Heart…

One so Soft

It Tears My World Apart…

You Act as though you Don’t See Me

But I know…

That you do

Our Love is Held at bay…

Out of Place

Out of Time

But Nothing does this Change…


Mine You Shall Remain…

I Catch a Smile leave your Lips

Your Heart…

It Changes Pace

You and I aren’t so Different…

In Fact We’re Both the Same

My Love For you is With me…

Every Single Day

Your Gentle Fingers Touch My Skin

Your Breath…

Upon my Neck

Your Blue eyes Hypnotize me…

Your Dark eyes do the Rest



2 Responses to “Voice”

  1. Loved the ending to this, ‘Your Blue eyes Hypnotize me…Your Dark eyes do the Rest’- it sounds so mysterious, and so magical.

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