Allure… Old Friends

Allure (Book Two)

by DarkJade

CHAPTER II – Old Friends

“La Fon And I Were Together Again… And All Was Right… And All Was Good… Until My Brother Tom Felt He Had To Interfere… Why Tom… Why”

The Diary of Victoria Arram~ (Mother of Daisy Arram)




Roy Millon is tied to a post bloodied and bruised, in a room barely lit by a couple candles.

In the Darkness Vincents eyes glow green.

“You really shouldn’t have come… Roy Millon” speaks Vincent in a hiss.

“Yeah well… Somebodies gotta stop you blood suckers” Roy is barely able to reply, as he goes in and out of consciousness.

Suddenly three other Vampires enter the room, the leader of the three has shoulder length brown hair which is in a ponytail… And is named, Philip… Philip’s eyes glowing blue, he walks straight to Roy Millon, and grabs his face in his hand.

“This is it…” Philip says, and lets Roy’s face drop “A pitiful human… I don’t see why you’ve bothered to waste my time Vincent… You’ve captured him… So kill him” he finishes as he starts to head out of the room once more.

“He’s not the problem…” replies Vincent, which brings the leader Philip to a halt.

“Go on…” Philip replies without looking back at Vincent.

“The man he works for is a Vampire Slayer… By the name of Thomas Arram…” Vincent continues.

“Arram?” replies Philip as he looks at Vincent.

“Yes…” with this Vincent walks closer to Philip.

“As in La Fon’s Victoria Arram?” Philip continues.

“Yes… He is her Brother” replies Vincent.

“I see… Well then… Take as many of my men as you need, and keep me informed…” Philip speaks.

“I will…” replies Vincent.

“Oh and Vincent… There’s no need to bring Nolan Prosk into this… So… Be discreet… If that is indeed possible” Philip finishes, and then leaves… The two accompanying Vampires leave with him.

“Discreet… Of course” Vincent says more to himself than Philip.


An old style motorcycle drives down into the underground parking.


Riding the motorcycle is a slim looking female form, in a bright blue helmet, and dark purple leather bike gear.

The rider parks her bike, gets off, leaving the helmet locked to it.

She walks over to the elevator, clicks the button…


…the door opens, and she steps in… She turns around, and it’s Arram… Only a couple years older, and her hair is now black, and just below shoulder length.

Strapped on her back is one bad ass looking double crossbow.

The look on her face is not of someone who is pleased to be there.

The door closes.



Allure (Book Two)

Chapter One

Allure (Book One)

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