$5.95 I Now The Online Price For My Novella, No Discount Code Needed… Also, I’ll Be Coming Out With The Ebook Version For Kindle or PC Soon, which will be only $2.95… For those of you that would prefer a Digital Version.

Thanks Guys


James Patrick Mahoney

$5.95 New Online Price No Discount Code Needed!! Coming Soon Ebook Version For Kindle Or PC!!

After Careful Consideration, I decided to Drop The Online Price For My Novella From $8.95, to $5.95, And You Don’t Need A Discount Code For It!

Maybe not a Big Deal To Some, but Some Don’t Like To Bother With Putting The Code In.

So Now The Fixed Price For The Printed Version Is $5.95 Here “I Died Once” @ CreateSpace

Amazon.com Still Shows $8.95 “I Died Once” @ Amazon.com But That Should Change In The Next Few Days.

Also The Ebook Version of “I Died Once” Will Be Coming Out Soon (Readable on Both a Kindle, Or A PC), and will be Only $2.95, For Those Of You That Would Prefer To Have A Digital Copy!

You Can Check Out A Couple Reviews For It Here;

My First Book ReviewI’m…

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