Transformation… Like A Rabbit Down A Hole

Transformation… Like A Rabbit Down A Hole

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been going through a lot of ‘Transformation’ lately… Which is always a good thing… I think? Lol

Yeah, it is… In Reality, I ‘Love’ Change… I know that many don’t… But I am not one of them.

Granted it helps to have a Family that Loves me, Food on the Table, and a Roof over My Head… Change without those three things, can be a bit… Unnerving, Lol

Nah, either I’m going through some ‘Noticeable’ Transformations, or my ‘Choppy’ Sleep Patterns are starting to catch up with me, Lol. Or both.

Why the Choppy Sleeping Patterns? Mainly because it’s been over 90 Degrees every day for the last 4 Weeks, and we live maybe 7 Miles from the Ocean, which the two combined, Creates a Whole Hell of a lot of Humidity… And I really hate humidity, Lol

I try to get off the Computer by Midnight… Relax for a half an hour or so, and lay down… But lately, I lay down, and just sit there either staring into the darkness, or out at the Stars, as we live in a Canyon area… So there’s a lot of stars.

After doing that for maybe 20 minutes, I get back up again and get on the Computer, Lol… Cuz the Humidity, Lol

Anyway, this Post isn’t meant to be a Complaining Session, nor is it a Rant… No, It’s more to talk about, like I say, the Sense of Transformation I feel going on with me… Lots of Vivid, not so great Dreams… Lack of Sleep… A sense of a Need for Something New… And also the ‘Good Sense’ to avoid patterns that aren’t so good for me… Like… I don’t know… Sending out E-mails to an Ex from like 10 years ago, Lol… Don’t worry, I didn’t send it, Lol

I was just goina to say “Hey, what’s Up”… But I have found that even something as simple as that, when sent to an ex, can lead to weeks of not good E-mails, Ha

The other sign that I’m likely going through some stuff ‘Internally’, is I’ve been drawn to More Trance Music lately… Even though I do Listen to it as part of My Regular Rotation of ‘Pandora’, and have my Dark Xperience Blog… Which is basically where I go, when I need to ‘Not’ Write Words, and Tap into the Emotional Internal World… So to speak, Lol

To me, Emotions are a Sea, or Submersed Current within me… And I find ‘Trance’, to a degree, to also be like a Current… Though this one is made up of Rhythmic Beats, Digital Landscapes, and Haunting Sweet Voices…

It allows me to just ‘Close’ My Eyes, and Feel My way through thoughts, as opposed to the more ‘Analytical’ Part/’Trouble Solving’ parts of the mind…

Or something like that, Lol

I know a lot of people don’t like Trance… But that’s alright, it’s just something I relate to, being an Immensely Emotional, and Instinctual Person…

Where as for me, Songs with Lyrics Etc., Stimulate the more Analytical Part of My Mind… Or something like that, Lol

But I’m Rambling here, Ha… But even that is likely a combination of a lack of sleep, and also because I feel I have a lot going on in the ‘Back of My Mind’ (Subconscious), as opposed to the Forefront (Conscious) Part of My Mind.

Gotta Love Blogging… Where Rambling is Considered Content, Hee Hee

Or maybe ‘Rambling’ is just the ‘Misunderstood Step Child’ of Sensible Thought? Nah, that would be Way to Profound, Ha

And I’m too Tired to be Profound right now… I think? Lol

Nuff Said

Thanks For Listening/Reading

I Leave You With What I Think to be a Pretty Cool Trance-ish Song… Which Leaves Me ‘Feeling’, More than ‘Thinking’




PICTURE CREDIT – Trance In Space


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