My “I Died Once” Books Just Got Here And They Look Friggen Amazing!

My “I Died Once” Books Just Got Here And They Look Friggen Amazing!

I have to say, I just Love This Printing Company… I Definitely Reccommend “CreateSpace.Com

My First 17 Copies just arrived here… The one’s I’m going to turn around and Ship Out to My Kickstarter Contributors, and they Just Look Awesome!

This Photo doesn’t exactly Capture the Vibrance of the Cover, but you get the General Idea, Lol

So far I’ve been hearing that it’s a Pretty Quick Read, partly because of its Size, but mostly they say they get too drawn in to set it down… So Elated to hear that. I Wrote it that way on purpose, Short, but Purposeful.

Anyway You can definitely save on shipping (Though I don’t know how much Shipping is, you guys will have to let me know) by Ordering the Kindle/PC Version, but man I just Love This Cover…

Both Printed and Ebook Versions can be Found Here “I Died Once – Novella

Either way, I appreciate all your Support!



14 Responses to “My “I Died Once” Books Just Got Here And They Look Friggen Amazing!”

  1. Reblogged this on James Patrick Mahoney and commented:
    I’m so stoked, the Printing Looks Great!


  2. Dude, they look awesome! I’m seriously considering getting the paperback now.

  3. Fantastic! Rock on!

  4. They look sweet, after a weekend of drunkeness your book is next on my list, just finished two books over the course of two days (which is rare, like, lightning striking three times in one place rare).

  5. Nice! They do look amazing! The cover is such an important part of a book, beautiful work!!! I’ll be happy to get it in my hands & finally read the story 🙂 Congratulations James & Success!

    • Thank you so much H

      I agree about the Cover being important, I’m currently working on the Concept of my next book’s Cover… I had a Concept, but My Sister came up with one yesterday that I like much better

      Fun stuff

      Thanks again



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