by DarkJade

New York City, New York


A 24 year old woman, wearing a black evening suit, her brown hair tied, and pulled back… And dark blue eyes peering outward over New York City at night…

Stands on the balcony on the 20th floor of an office building, owned by her recently deceased father, William Halsing The Third.

Her name is Brett… But her Father called her Blue.

Because of her eyes…

Inside the office behind her are 10 men in varying colors of suits, waiting for her to come back in and start this late night meeting…

As her sliver watch, with a light blue-green digital light struck 10:00pm, she took a deep breath, wiped away a single tear from her eye, turned and entered the office.

All watched without speaking as she sat at the end of the table where her Father used to sit… This made her uncomfortable, but she made herself sit.

“Well then…” she spoke “Let’s hear it”

Paul, a fairly handsome, yet untrustworthy looking fellow, looks around at the others, than replies.

“Well… It’s your estate Miss Halsing” he speaks.

“Brett… You can call me Brett” she interjects.

“Yes… Well… Brett then… It seems that your Father has left you the company, and we the board feel that, perhaps, you might prefer to be bought out” he states bluntly.

She stares at him fairly blankly, then replies “How much…” she states more than asks.

“Well…” Paul starts to speak, but then one of the older board members, Alfred, interjects.

“Somewhere between 75 and 85 million dollars…” he replies.

“No… I mean, how much does the company generate each year…” she adds.

“Oh… Well… We generate maybe 40 to 45 Million a year, with profits at 20 to 25 million” speaks a third man with black hair which has obviously been died as to hide the grey.

She looks at him, and is about to speak when the office door opens, and two black suited men walk in, with a third behind them.

Obviously bodyguards, they stand out of the way as not to interrupt the meeting… Brett notes that she doesn’t recognize the third man, who has short brown hair, and stands more in the shadows, his head slightly bowed.

She continues “And, how much of that went to my Father each year?”

Paul speaks up “Well, that’s not really the point, it’s” he starts to say, but Brett interrupts as she suddenly stands.

“That’s exactly the point, isn’t it… He makes 12 to 15 million a year in profits, and basically had all of you running the company for him, other than the really important decisions… Which means your trying to buy my shares for what he would make in 5 to 6 years…” suddenly her knees start to buckle, and she tears us.

The two bodyguards quickly come to her side, and she waves her hands indicating for them to back off.

“I can’t do this right now… And, I don’t want my Father’s bodyguards following me around anymore…” she says as she goes to leave, and looks at the third bodyguard as she steps through the door “and I certainly don’t need a third one” and then she is at the elevator.

However, to her dismay, Alfred and the three bodyguards are quickly right behind her.

“It’s only temporary Brett… Your Father’s bodyguards will stay with the company, once they’ve trained ‘your’ bodyguard, who you have yet to meet… His name is Jacob.”

With this the third bodyguard reaches his hand forward, which is the first time she really gets a good look at his face… He has a three inch scar across it, and dark brown eyes… He’s rough looking, but there’s something about him.

She doesn’t shake his hand, and instead steps into the elevator “I don’t want a bodyguard Alfred, I’m just a young girl, trying to figure out her life… Not an Heiress…” with this the elevator door starts to shut, but Jacob, her new bodyguard quickly jumps in with her, leaving the rest behind.

She looks at him in his black suit, tears up and looks away.

“Sorry Miss, I’ve gotta protect you… I won’t hinder you in any way… You won’t even know I’m there… Promise” speaks Jacob.

She looks at him, her eyes still tearing… “Of course… I’m sorry” she says in a much calmer voice, and reaches out to shake his hand “I’m Brett… My Father passed away only four days ago… I’m in no condition for human interaction at the moment… Maybe that’s always the case, I don’t know” with this she smiles slightly… And he smiles slightly back.

The elevator reaches the bottom, and Jacob lets her leave first, and disappears off about 2o feet away from her, but tailing her.




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