Good News! “I Died Once” Is In A Bookstore

Good News! “I Died Once” Is In A Bookstore

I called the Manager of the Bookstore that carries My Poetry Book, and let her know I was going to drop off a Sample of My New Book “I Died Once” (I had spoke to her a while ago, checking if that would be ok, and she said yes)…

She said they’re going to go ahead and carry it, without seeing it yet, and Wished Me Luck… So I’m dropping off 2 Books for her to Carry instead of just the 1 Sample.

I’m so stoked right now, the main reason I got My Poetry Book in there was to develop a Relationship with the Store, and the Manager… And it appears to have worked… She is just an Awesome Lady, and now My Novella will be put up in the Store…

So excited.

In other News, I Received My “First Draft Review” of My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha“, which I Hope to Self Publish in December-ish This Year…

The Lady who Reviews My First Drafts, telling me what she likes, and would like more of in the Story, also does a “Pre-Edit” for me, which focuses mostly on Grammar Etc.

She’s going to start Working on the Pre-Edit now that she’s finished with the First Draft Review…

I was really Pleased with the First Draft Review, and I look forward to Incorporating some of the things into the Final Draft.

I still need to Find a Cover Artist for “Chess With Agatha”, which hasn’t gone so well so far… But I’m not worried, it can take time for these kind of things sometimes… But the good news is, My Editor of “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, and “I Died Once”, is looking forward to our next project, which I only just a couple days ago started to tell her about.

In fact when I described the Story of “Chess With Agatha”, she came up with a Better Book Cover Concept than the one I had in mind… So I’m really excited about that as well.
That’s all for now, Thanks for all of your Continued Support Guys



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