Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Maybe I’m too Romantic

Maybe… I’m Better off alone

When I Look into the Night

Casting My Eyes upon

The Stars, And Moon Filled Sky…

The Calming of the Water before me

Keeps me Company

But then…

What is it I’m supposed to do with this Heart of Mine

All this Love to Give…

I find the Complication

Of the Human Condition…

Is at the Root of Joy

But also the Root of Pain…

These words are nothing New

I am not alone in this Loneliness of the Night…

No… When I look into the Sky above

And question Who, or Whatever might be listening…

I know that I am not the Only one

No, Even those in Love, often do the same…

There is Just No Knowing

And so I Sit…

And Wait

Tossing Stones that are My Heart’s Will…

Upon the Waters that are My Soul

I am not the Only One…

But I am Still Alone



2 Responses to “Yellow Rose”

  1. Pure love! Home Sandowall and her Mazzy Star can make a man get tears in his eyes! A wonderful song!

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