Blue… And Then There Was You


by DarkJade

Chapter II – And Then There Was You

Chapter I (In case you missed it)

New York City, New York




Brett is sitting on the end of her bed clicking through photos of her recently deceased father, William Halsing, on her IPhone…

Tears are rolling down her cheeks.



Meanwhile Jacob, the new body guard that her father’s chair members recently assigned to her, stands outside in the hallway, flicking toothpicks at the wall across from him…

Some stick… Some don’t.


Suddenly her phone rings… (Lady Antebellum – Need You Now Ringtone)



“Hello?” she answers.


15 minutes later she comes out of her apartment, wearing a dark blue suede blouse and skirt, digging through her purse for her phone which is ringing again… Without realizing it, she walks right into Jacob.

“Woe!” he says.

“OH MY GOD!!” she screams in utter shock, then tries to catch her breath.

“I totally forgot you were out here” she speaks.

“That’s alright, I’m kind of supposed to be invisible” he replies.

“Going somewhere?” he asks.


She’s in the back of a black limo, and Jacob is up front in the passenger seat.

The driver’s name is McCoy… He goes by his last name. He’s about 5’8″, brown slicked back hair, and talks a lot.

“So then my brother bets on the game anyway… Knowing full well that Cartwright isn’t going to be in the game…” he continues, but neither Jacob, nor Brett pay any attention.

They finally reach a nice looking night club, called “The Stiletto.”

McCoy brings the car to a halt at the curb, and someone opens her door. Jacob steps out of the car, and looks around to make sure no one is scoping her.

She gets out “I won’t be long McCoy, just go grab some dinner or something, then head back” she speaks as she heads towards the club.

Jacob stays exactly 20 feet behind her, as not to crowd her style.

She enters the club.

The Music is Blaring, and a couple hundred well dressed people are dancing.



She walks by a huge bouncer with his arms crossed, wearing dark shades, who recognizes her, and lets her by “Miss Halsing” he speaks.

But when Jacob enters, he jumps in front of him “Where you think you’re going mack” the bouncer asks.

Jacob comes to a halt.

“I’m going to need some I.D., and you better not have a Velcro wallet” speaks the bouncer.

Jacob reaches for his wallet when suddenly he feels Brett’s had take his arm…

“He’s with me Mark…” speaks Brett who pulls Jacob gently by the bouncer.

“Oh ok Miss Halsing… Sorry about that” speaks the bouncer.

Once by the bouncer, she lets go of Jacob’s arm, and is suddenly swarmed by several friends.

“BRETT!! HOW ARE YOU??!! I MEAN!! I KNOW YOU’RE BAD CUZ YOU LOST YOUR DAD!! BUT… HOW ARE YOU?!” her black friend Haley yells to her, as the music is blaring.

“I’M…” Brett tries to reply but…

“LEAVE HER ALONE HALEY!!” one of the other friends yells, this one looks part Caucasian, part Spanish, and is named Cloe.

Jacob takes a seat at the bar and orders a drink…

“Club Soda” he says to the bartender, who doesn’t look thrilled.

Out in the middle of the dance floor Brett’s 4 friends try to get her to dance, but she’s struggling a bit with it. Jacob watches, without watching.

And the music continues…




PICTURE CREDIT – And Will Always


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