Black Out

Black Out

At First You Reached me…

Told me who I was

I did not listen…

But I watched you

Learned what you are…

Loved you

From near…

And from Afar

You Tried to Teach me…

I Would Not Learn

You Often Showed me…

I had much Nerve

I Dream about you…

You cry in my arms

I hold you tightly…

But you are not near

I Wish you were Near…



2 Responses to “Black Out”

  1. I rarely know what to say about poetry. This one speaks to me about regrets made worse because you know at the time of the opportunity that you could have taken the chance, but didn’t. It’s one thing to have 20/20 hindsight; quite another to have clear vision at the time and still choose to be blind. That’s what I get from the poem–but maybe I’m way off… 😉

    • With some of My Poems, they’re so Instinctively Written, that it’s hard to decipher their exact meaning. I will tell you, I’ve had a very difficult Week, with a lot of Loss… Finished off with “The Dark Globe”… So though I’m not someone who really has any Regrets, there does appear to be some form of regret represented in this Poem… Some kind of thing that has been left behind, and has brought up Pain within me.

      It’s funny, Humans can even feel Regret, when in Reality, they don’t regret something… Humans are complicated like that.

      I will say that this Poem definitely represents some ‘out of reach’ loss… So you may not be far off, Lol

      But in truth, everyone gets different things from Poems, which is the Truest Beauty of the Art… And if you got something from it, than that is Just Awesome.

      Thanks Lorna

      Oh and, Leave your Regrets Behind… You’ve Only Just Begun


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