Believe (Part II) – Jack Frost


by DarkJade

Part One – Reality

Part Two – Jack Frost

Once Esmeralda went inside, Jonathon came out from behind the curtains… “Phew… That was close” he thought to himself.

It was Friday, which meant all the realtors would be bringing people to look at Esmeralda’s parent’s home… As it had been on the market for several months.

Nothings ever come from it, so Jonathon wasn’t really worried… Until


The next day after Jonathon had made his mom, and he some eggs… Once again, not an easy task, as he was not very tall. Jonathon decided it was a good day to go through his old Hot Wheel collection, and so brought out a tin container, which held some 15 little cars within it.

While playing, he heard quite a bit of talking coming from across the way, and so decided to look out his window.

There were Esmeralda’s parents, talking, and shaking hands with a realtor, and what looked to be a middle aged couple.

“Could it be possible? Could they have finally sold the house?” he wondered to himself.

Just then Esmeralda came running out of the house holding a doll… But before Jonathon could hide, she looked up at him, and smiled slightly.

Jonathon, finding more nerve than usual, decided to go outside and find out what was going on.

The moment he got outside, Esmeralda was there…

“Her name is Stacey Lynn” indicated Esmeralda as she held up her doll in Jonathon’s general direction.

“Uh… Ok” replied Jonathon, still recovering from Esmeralda immediately showing up on his doorstep.

“Did your parents…” Jonathon started to say, but Esmeralda interjected.

“Sell our house? Yeah” she replied as she sat on Jonathon’s porch steps, head down in obvious sadness, playing with her doll.

Jonathon hesitantly sat down beside her “Oh” he simply replied.

“We’re moving to Arizona… I guess it’s warmer there… My parents are tired of the Winters here in Washington” she explained.

“I see” Jack replied.

“ESMERALDA!! COME IN DEAR!!” yelled Esmeralda’s mother.

“But I shall miss you Jonathon Prior” Esmeralda spoke, and before he could reply, she placed a soft kiss upon his cheek, and ran off.

“COMING MOM!!” she replied.

Suddenly Jonathon jumped up “ESMERALDA!!” he yelled without thinking, and she turned to face him.


With this she smiled slightly again “KEEP IT!” she yelled, and ran inside her home.



Jonathon was still sitting on his front step… Very distraught.

Suddenly he jumped up, and started to pace around… Meanwhile inside Esmeralda’s house, he could see the little families shadows around the dining room table.

“What if a great storm would come… And keep them from going to Arizona” he thought to himself.

“Then I’d never lose Esmeralda” he finished.

Suddenly a chill came over Jonathon… Something unnatural.

“Well… That’s rather selfish of you… Don’t you think” came an unnatural voice from the darkness.

“Who is it? Whose there?” spoke Jonathon anxiously.

And out of the darkness stepped a man with blue skin, and whitish bluish hair, and glowing yellow eyes “Jack’s the name” he spoke, and Jonathon could not believe his eyes.

“Jack Frost” he concluded.



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