These Ice Walls close in around me…

To think I used to think you Fare

I was a Fool…

What did I Know

How could I have Seen the Truth…

I Long for the Days in the Sun

The Warm Air whipping against my Skin…

The Waters Shimmering so

Hopes and Dreams…

Yet Unknown

But instead I wait…

Wait for something that may not even Exist

I am a Fool…

But Better a Fool than a Dried Rock

Underneath the Crashing Waves Unseen…


4 Responses to “Desolate”

  1. Belated happy birthday my dear friend! I remembered your birthday and made cheesecake in honour of your birthday. 😛 I am posting it soon….after this recipe I will be posting 🙂

  2. I’m ever so sorry I have’t been around much in the last couple of weeks, what with DAFNE and all. I’m glad to see that some things never change 🙂 … this is a beautiful poem, it feels so intense and personal.

    • Thank you Anna… You have been missed, but I am so Proud of you in regards to the DAFNE thing… Taking Control of one’s own health is a Huge and sometimes Foreboding thing… But it feels Great, doesn’t it…. Very Empowering.

      Thanks for your thoughts on the Poem… Yeah, lets just say I’ve had a very Difficult Few Weeks… And Emotional Shrapnel from it is still lodging into the back of me as we speak… But I’m hoping I’m coming through it Stronger Etc. than I was Entering it.

      I Appreciate your kind words as usual… And I admit, The World is a Better Place when you’re around… So, yeah, Nice to see you, Lol


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