White Wolf

White Wolf

by DarkJade

The girl made her way up the snow covered rocks of the Eversill Peaks…

Her long, blond, wavy hair laid cross her back.

At her side she wore a white leather pouch… And as she stepped, she reached down to make sure it was still there.

Within it were many healing herbs.

Soon she reached a peak, and some hundred feet ahead she saw the White Wolf that had come into her Village…

Only to be met by rock, and pitchfork…

It had barely escaped with its life.

The Wolf seeing her, stood perfectly still.

Her warm blue healer’s eyes cast upon it, she knew there could only be one reason why…

Why it did not flee.

Swallowing her fear, she continued forward.

Once she was fifty feet from it, she could see several wounds on the beast, in particular a wounded leg.

She continued forward, but it began to move further up the rocks, dragging its leg behind.

When she made her way over the next peak, she could see it drag itself into a dark cave.

It would be crazy to follow it any further.

What if the rest of the pack lay within?

Perhaps it was a trick.

But she had never seen a White Wolf like this…

Her instincts told her, he likely travels alone.

Once again, casting her fear aside, she moved forward.

Once she reached the entrance of the cave, she peered inward…

Within she could see nothing but its yellow glowing eyes.

She placed her hand upon the white pouch again, and continued forward into the dark.


9 Responses to “White Wolf”

  1. Beautifully mystical, and I do so adore a good cliffhanger 🙂

  2. Nice, now you leave us with expectations… 🙂

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