“Chess With Agatha” First Draft Review & Reply (Part 3)

“Chess With Agatha” First Draft Review & Reply (Part 3)

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In Parts 1 & 2, I Covered Beth’s Review/Feedback, and My Replies for The Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of My Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“, which I hope to Self Publish in December this year.

I’ll go ahead and continue where I left off.


“Chess With Agatha” First Draft – Review & Reply

Chapter Four – Check

Beth; What I like so far ~

* I think it’s cool that there are two different planes of existence in play here.

DarkJade Reply: “Cool… It definitely plays a key part in the foundation of the story”

* Agamemnon is fascinating. I like trying to figure out what he’s up to.

DarkJade Reply: “He’s definitely an ‘Illusive’/’Mysterious’ character in this first book.”

* I also like that Agatha is starting to put things together, and that I’m getting little details here that help me put it together too.

DarkJade Reply: “Nice.”


Beth; What I’d like to see more on ~

* Because I know there are two planes now I’m starting to understand why Agamemnon has two names – but does this mean there is only one person with two names, or does he exist on both sides as two separate people with knowledge of his “other self?” And is everyone in the world like that, or only him?

DarkJade Reply: “That’s a bit complicated… Agamemnon exists in both planes, and each is aware of each other. But generally, people only exist on one plane or the other. The way that you look is different in each plane however, which is why Agatha’s looks keep changing back and forth, from the way she looks on one plane, into how she looks on the other plane. Though in her case, she is not split into two people… She just keeps going back and forth between each planes form… Like I say, it’s complicated, Lol. There is a reason why Agamemnon is on both planes, but that is not explained in this First Book.”


Chapter Five – Hunting For Unicorns

Beth; What I like so far ~

* I keep noticing that you mention Iliad’s “false” humor. This makes me pay closer attention to him and his actions, wondering what his intentions really are.

DarkJade Reply: “Iliad ended up playing a very big part of this First Book”

* There’s a lot going on between three different settings, but you pull it off really well – I’m not lost at all moving between the characters and planes.

DarkJade Reply: “I’m really glad to hear that… I like having several main characters, but I don’t want it to get confusing… Also I’m glad the different planes thing isn’t confusing”


Beth; What I’d like to see more on ~

* I’d still like to see more about Morr I think. He seems like an interesting character – and at the end of the chapter he seems kind of intimidating.

DarkJade Reply: “Morr is definitely one of my Favorite Characters… And he’s definitely supposed to be intimidating.”


That’s enough for now

I’m currently working with my “I Died Once” Novella’s Cover Artist, on possibly doing the Cover Art for my Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”. With the Novella, I found her drawing online, and asked her permission to use it… She said she was interested in doing a Cover from scratch at some point, so I let her know what my concept for the Fantasy Novel is, and she’s giving it a shot. We shall see.

Thanks for Reading/Listening



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