The First Few Chapters of “I Died Once”, and Also NEW PRICING!


James Patrick Mahoney

The First Few Chapters Of “I Died Once” & NEW PRICING!

The First 6 Weeks Response to My Novella “I Died Once“, has for the most part been Very Good.

I expected maybe 60% of the People that would Read it might enjoy it, but it’s been more like 80% of them… Which I’m stoked about, as I don’t exactly think of this Story as “Main Stream”… But I do very much like it, and feel Very Proud to have Written it.

As Good as the Response has been, I still Want to get it into More People’s Hands… So I’ve decided to Bring Down the Pricing even more, in hopes that it will make it a bit more Accessible to More People, in these Tough Financial Times.

I Originally Priced the Printed Copy at $8.95, because I knew that the Bookstore that I was going to have…

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