Kamir (Chapter III) – Alia


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III – Alia

by DarkJade



Kamir is in a guest chamber in the Royal Palace.

His ragged black clothing taken, and burned by the servants… In place he is wearing some very appealing cream colored Arab attire.

As he stands in front of a mirror looking at the dark haired Arab boy with green eyes staring back at him…

He is perplexed.

“The Ring!” he suddenly says as he realizes the large sapphire ring which he was wearing when he woke in the cave, was in the pouch attached to his black old clothing.

As he turns to dart out the door, the door opens…

In walks a servant girl, her veil drawn over her lovely face.

In her hands is a blue silk pillow…

And on the pillow is the sapphire ring, polished, and good as new.

Also on the pillow is the once blackened oil lamp from his belt.

It too glistens like new…

And seems to be made of a silver and gold blend.

“We cleaned your things” the servant girl spoke softly.

“Uhh… Thank you” replies Kamir as he removes the ring, and the lamp from the pillow.

“You carry strange things Kamir…” speaks Prince Ire Ba, who suddenly appears, and sends away the girl.

“Uhh…” Kamir looks for a place to put the ring and lamp in the room.

“Yeah” continues Kamir.

“Wear them for now… I shall have a lock box sent to your chamber” speaks the Prince noting Kamir’s dilemma.

With this Kamir looks at the Prince.

“You are safe here Kamir… There are larger stones here than yours which would interest a thief” with this the Prince holds up his hands, which bare all sorts of diamonds, rubies and such on his rings.

Kamir can’t help but smile as he places his ring on his finger, and ties the lamp to his new belt.

“Besides” the Prince continues as he sweeps his arm around his new friend “We have over 1,000 guards within this Palace… Who could possibly get in…” the two of them leave the chamber.


The mysterious Red Warrior clings to the side of the Palace wall…

Trying to make his way along a thin edge to a Palace window, or balcony, so that he might enter.


The Prince takes Kamir to the Palace Great Hall… Which is the equivalent of a throne room, but is also a meeting place for the Prince’s father, the Sultan Ali To, to speak to diplomats and the such.

“Father!” Prince Ire Ba says loudly as he enters the room.

Meanwhile the Sultan is meeting with three noble looking Arabs.

Hearing his son, he has his servants take the men from the room.

“Son… You can not just barge into” he starts to say, but is interrupted by a large hug from his son.

“Father… I want you to meet my friend Kamir…” speaks the Prince as he lets go of his father.

“Kamir??” replies the Sultan.

“I know… I know… A very strange name indeed… But he is a good young man… I just know it” speaks the Prince, who then smacks Kamir on the side of the arm.

“Well… That may be true, but” the Sultan tries to speak, but this time he is interrupted by another voice.

“The name Kamir is outlawed in the City of Nizere” speaks the female voice of the 17 year old Princess’s Alia.

Kamir looks up to see the most beautiful young woman he has ever seen… Dark skin… Dark lustrous hair… And dark penetrating eyes.

She approaches in such a way, that one might think she is casting a seductive allure spell around her body, it moves so… Well… You know what I mean.

“Yes… But” the Prince tries to intervene, but is unable.

“But nothing brother… It is our law” the Princess speaks as she now stands a few feet from Kamir.

“Green eyes” she speaks as she takes his face softly into her hand.

“Your Highness…” Kamir speaks as he bows.

“Most unusual… And yet you do not have the look of a halfbreed” she continues.

“I do not think that I am” Kamir replies, not really knowing anything about himself… And yet, he knows that he is not a halfbreed somehow.

“It is an old… Silly law… Father, please, tell Alia tis so” the Prince insists as he puts his arms around the three of them, and leads them to the great Dining Hall, where the three men that the Sultan was speaking to are all seated, as well as 18 Royal Cousins… And some 50 servants rush around filling the table with all that could be desired to eat and drink.

“Wow” Kamir speaks without thinking.

The Princess looks at him “You have not eaten recently?”

He looks at her… “Uh… Part of an apple”

The Prince sits his father at the end of the table, and he and Kamir sit on one side, and Princess Alia sits on the other side… At first the Prince, and Alia each grab a different one of Kamir’s arms, but the Prince was victorious, and so Kamir sits by him.

CLAP! CLAP! The Prince claps his hands “Entertainment!” and suddenly many belly dancers, and flute players enter the Dining Hall, and begin to perform, as they all start to eat.

All save the Princess, who does not eat, but rather watches as Kamir lays waste to the food in front of him.


PICTURE CREDIT – Arabian Princess

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