Kamir (Chapter IV) – The Mystics Of Lo Polan


by DarkJade

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Chapter IV – The Mystics Of Lo Polan

“Over The Next Few Days, Prince Ire Ba Would Show Me All Of The Palace, Which I Must Say, Is Most Enormous… Princess Alia On The Other Hand, Seemed To Keep Her Distance… Almost As If She Was Biding Her Time… Waiting To Snatch Me From Her Brother, So She Might Share Her World… Her Perspective Of The Palace With Me.

And Then The Day Came, Where She Would Get Her Chance…

But First, The ‘Red Warrior’

The Journal Of Kamir~



Prince Ire Ba is showing Kamir a hallway filled with wonderful, ancient tapestries, when suddenly

BANAAA!! BANAAA!! the Royal Horns blew…. An Intruder had entered the palace.

“WAIT HERE!” yelled the Prince to Kamir, as he toar down the hallway, accompanied by some 20 of his guards.

Kamir, however, did not comply… And instead ran after them.


What he would see when he entered the Great Hall, was both surprising, and impressive.

It seems that the ‘mysterious’ Red Warrior that had been following him, and had given him the ‘green apple’ in his time of hunger, had penetrated the walls of the Palace… And was surrounded by some 8 guards. He was single handedly holding them off, and had knocked several others onto their rears, without actually injuring them.

“WHAT HAVE WE HERE! A DESERT SCORPION NO LESS!” bellowed the Prince, as he unsheathed his Royal Blade.

“PRINCE! WAIT!” shouted Kamir… But it was too late, the Prince had waved off his guards, and was having at the Red Warrior.


The Red Warrior on the other hand, was simply deflecting all of the Prince’s blows, without attacking.


This seemed to anger the Red Warrior, who in turn, in the matter of a second, disarmed the Prince, and held him to the ground, his foot against the Prince’s chest, and the point of his Great Scimitar at the Prince’s throat.

“You are victorious Red Warrior… Do what you must” spoke the Prince when…

“HALT! HALT AT ONCE!!” it was the Sultan.

The Sultan approached the Red Warrior without hesitation, his hands up in the air “What is it that you want ‘Brave Warrior’… You shall have it… Please” with this the Sultan kneeled before the Red Warrior “Do not harm my only Son.”

“WAIT! YOUR HIGHNESS! THIS MAN IS MY FRIEND” spoke Kamir insistantly, as he approached and helped the Sultan to his feet.

FOOMP! just then an arrow struck the shoulder of the Red Warrior, but he did not flinch.

“NO MAN BRINGS MY FATHER TO HIS KNEES!” it was the Princess Alia.

She approached, and prepared another arrow.

Kamir jumped in front of the Red Warrior and waved his hands in the air “Please Princess Alia… This is all a grave mistake… The man is a friend…” with this he looked back at the Red Warrior, who stared blankly forward, still not reacting to the arrow that was sticking out of his shoulder.

“My… Protector” Kamir continued, which got the Red Warrior’s attention, and he looked at Kamir, and nodded.

“Now to quickly sum up what occurred after this, it basically went like this… The Sultan pardoned the Red Warrior, probably more because he spared his son’s life, more than anything else… The Princess, was not pleased with this. But what she was pleased about was, the Prince was soon after summoned to meet with the Three Mystics of Lo Polan… Not that I can recall who they are, but from what I can ascertain, the Three Mystics serve as Advisers to the ‘Warlord’ Kan, who is the Ruler of the Three Kingdoms to the East… Anyway, The Princess would finally get a chance to show me the Palace, and share with me her perspective on things, and life within the Palace. Meanwhile, The Red Warrior, who I quickly found to be named Percion, would accompany us from a distance, and indeed would take on the role of my protector… Though, I have yet to recover from him ‘why’ it is so… But this will come I’m sure… In time… For now, I am as lost and confused as I have been for days now… But at least I am in good company… And I might add, Princess Alia’s scent is uncanny… But I am 15, what do I know of the ‘mysteries’ that are woman… None, or very little… Oh well, tomorrow is another day… But I must admit, I do wish that I could have accompanied the Prince to the East… I hope all goes well.”

The Journal Of Kamir~




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