Kamir (Chapter V) – White Desert


by DarkJade

Chapter V – White Desert



Kamir wearing a soft blue outfit, stands upon his balcony, staring out over the City of Nizere as the sun rises.

“It’s been two days since Prince Ire Ba had set out with 100 City Guards to meet with the Three Mystics of the Warlord Kan… And still no word… Or at least not that I am aware of” Kamir thinks to himself.

“May I come in?” speaks the familiar voice of Princess Alia from the doorway of Kamir’s room.

“Of course Princess” he replies, and starts to head in.

“No No, stay out there” she speaks as she joins him on the balcony “I love to watch the morning sun rise”

The two of them stood and watched as the city below them began to come to life, before Kamir finally speaks.

“Any word from your brother?” he asks as he looks at her with his soft worried green eyes.

“None… But that is not unlike him” she replies.

Kamir looks back over the city “So tell me Princess… Who is this ‘mythical’ Kamir person that you speak of… The one whose treachery caused the name ‘Kamir’ to be outlawed?” Kamir asks.

“Kamir is no person… Legend tells that he was a great and powerful Genie” explains the Princess.

“Genie??” Kamir seems surprised by this.

“Yes… Or so Legend tells… Kamir had existed for many, many years… Some believed… Some did not… But it wasn’t until the Warlord Kan’s Great, Great Grandfather got his hands on Kamir’s Lamp, that it had ever been a problem… A Genie existing that is” she continued.

“It was then that Kan’s Great Great Grandfather Ro Nene made a Wish for an Army of 5,000 men… And with these men, he overthrew 3 Arab Kingdoms… Which his Great Great Grandson Kan still to this day rules” she further explains.

“I see” replies Kamir, baffled by this.

“And this is why his name is outlawed… Because his powers helped Ro Nene kill thousands of people, and take over the three eastern cities” she concludes.

“And now? Does Kan have this Lamp?” questions Kamir.

“None of us really know if it actually existed… Kan seems to rely on his Three Mystics to help him in his reign… There has been no mention of ‘Kamir’ for many, many years” she replies.

Kamir takes a moment, then “Thank you Alia”

“For what?” she asks.

“For telling me…” he continues.

She smiles “There’s something that I want to show you”


Kamir, Princess Alia and Percion, the ‘Red Warrior’, all sit on white horses looking upon a great expanse of white desert.

Unique to this particular area, there is black rock that almost looks like stripes all across it.

“White Tiger” Kamir says to himself, and looks at Percion who nods at him.

“Yes… We call it ‘White Tiger’ because of the black stripes that the black rock creates.” explains the Princess.

“It is truly beautiful” replies Kamir.

“Come” she says as she rides further.


Soon they reach a pool of water.

“This is the ‘A Mer Oasis’ she says as she starts to undress down to the bare minimum, and jumps into the water.


Kamir looks over at Percion who shrugs.

“Well alright!” Kamir tears off most of his clothing, and dives in as well.


Percion… Does not.



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