Just Another Rough Cover Concept Sketch for “Chess With Agatha”, and an Update on The Cover Artist


James Patrick Mahoney

Another Rough Cover Concept Sketch – Chess With Agatha

This is what happens when you haven’t heard from your Potential Cover Artist, Lol… You end up Drawing another Rough Sketch

Keeping in mind that I’m completely open to any Ideas an Artist has

But, that being said, as I have as of yet not received any Initial Sketches for My Cover of “Chess With Agatha”, I’ve had to start looking for a Cover Artist again.

If my Last Books Artist ends up sending me some Sketches, Great… But it’s been 2 or 3 weeks now, and I need to find someone pretty soon.

And so I’ve started back on the Search, which let me tell you, is tough, Lol

Yes, there are a Zillion Artists on Deviant Art… But that’s just the thing… There’s a ‘Zillion’ of them… And not only that, but at least half of them so far…

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