Farah Loss

Farah Loss

She Likes to count the Seashells that she finds…

Often she’ll walk alone

Pondering the Very Workings of the day…

Some Gold

Some Silver…

Some Black

Some White…

All were different in their own special way

Sometimes someone would walk by her on her way…

Say hello… Have a Nice day

But their eyes weren’t Light like hers


She’d smile and wave

And turn and toss one of the seashells back into the sea…

1… 2… 3

The Cool Breezes would often come

As her bare feet splashed lightly in the Water…

Unaware of the time

She’d often be down there for hours…

If she was lucky, she’d sit huddled up as the sun went down

The warmth of the sand underneath her…

And a vibrantly colored blanket over her

To Contrast her blond white hair…

Waves come

And Waves Go…

Soon the Stars would fill the Sky

And she was young…

And she’d always be young




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