Kamir (Chapter VI) – Crossroads


by DarkJade

Chapter I – In The Dark

Chapter II – Descendants

Chapter III – Alia

Chapter IV – The Mystics Of Lo Polan

Chapter V – White Desert

Chapter VI – Crossroads


Prince Ire Ba and his 100 guards arrive at the Alehan Crossroads, which lays on the border of the middle eastern city of Soco Rayan. One of three cities controlled, and ruled by the Warlord Kan.

At the meeting site waiting are the three Mystic’s of Lo Polan, accompanied by just 20 of the Warlord’s Elite Guard.

“Greetings Prince” speaks Regimah, the wisest of the three mystics… Who is garbed in a deep green attire.

“What, did Kan not come?” demands the Prince from his horse.

“Kan relies on us to represent him from time to time” speaks the second mystic, Arule… A heavier set man, with a short, sharp black beard, whose wearing all red garb.

“Well… That’s nice… But I did not come to speak to the three of you alone… Good day to you” speaks the Prince as he starts to turn his horse away.

“KAMIR!” suddenly the third mystic yells out, his eyes closed, almost as if he’s in a trance. This final mystic is Lob Harab, and is thin, and more elderly. He is wearing yellows and gold.

With this, the Prince turns his horse back towards the mystics.

“Kamir?? As in the ‘mythical’ genie?” questions the Prince “What of him?”

Arule leans over and whispers to Lob Harab, who responds in a trance like whisper back.

“Our brother here says that you know something of Kamir?” questions Arule.

“They’re brothers?” speaks one of the Prince’s Royal Guard under his breath.

“I know only that he lives in the stories that we tell our children… Nothing more” replies the Prince.

“I give you my leave” the Prince is about to turn and leave when…

“Wait! My Prince… We have been asked to request an audience from you, in the name of our Leader Kan… If granted, he, and we, will visit your city in a weeks time” explains Regimah.

“You had me come all the way out here, just to ask if Kan can come to Nizere??” questions the Prince.

“What kind of fool do you take me for?!” he speaks at them, not really expecting an answer.

“You tell Kan he may come himself… Unguarded… And without the likes of you, and your meddlesome black magics.” with this he rides off, and all of his guard follow after.

Regimah watches with dark peering eyes as the Prince rides off, then turns to Lob Harab.

“What is it? What have you seen Lob Harab?” he questions.

With this Lob Harab opens his eyes which are completely white, as he continues to be in a half trance.

“Kamir… Kamir…” he mumbles.


Kamir sits on his bed alone, as Percion stands posted at his door.

“I am bored Percion… And useless here” he speaks.

“I don’t know how they do it…” Kamir continues.

“Do… What?” questions Percion.

With this Kamir jumps off the bed and walks towards the great window over looking the city.

“Stay in this Palace all of the time… Like caged animals” he explains.

He then looks back at Percion “It is not for me” he explains.

“I leave in the morn… You may stay, or go, it is your decision” Kamir finishes as he looks back out the window.

“Go? Go where??” the voice of Princess Alia suddenly comes from the doorway, as Kamir looks back to see her there.


PICTURE CREDIT – Arabian Nights


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