Why Watch Football, When I Can Edit My Book?

Why Watch Football, When I Can Edit My Book?

Not that I actually watch all that much Football anyway, but still… Yes, in truth, I don’t like to watch Sports Alone… Just don’t enjoy it much… Maybe for 10 or 15 minutes here or there, but other than that, I prefer to watch them with other people.

Besides, the World Series isn’t until 5ish PST, Lol

And who says I can’t continue to Root for the San Francisco Giants, even though I’m a New York Yankees Fan through and through… The truth is, I’m a Baseball fan, as well as a Yankees Fan… Besides, the SF Giants are my 2nd Favorite Team, mainly because I lived like 30 to 40 miles away from San Francisco for a year and a half… And, because I was so impressed with them in the 2010 run where they won the World Series…

But none of this has to do with Book Editing, which is actually what I’m intending to work on today… Well… Not exactly ‘Editing’, more like Implementing the Changes I’ve made to the Book when I went through and ‘Cleaned‘ it up two or three weeks ago.

Yes, when I do my own Changes Etc., I do it on a Printed Copy First… Why? Because I hate staring at a Computer Screen for one, Lol I know that probably sounds a bit crazy, as many Blogs as I have had over the last year or so…

But in Truth, I’ve reduced the time I spend in front of my Laptop by maybe 60% by picking up the Kindle Fire HD… No, it’s not as Cool and Fancy as the IPad… But, as usual, Price ends up leading me to something other than an Apple… And the Kindle HD 7″ is only $199… And it’s really all I needed…

But once again, this has nothing to do with Book Editing…

So as October comes to an End, and I’ve Complete Cleaning up My Book “Chess With Agatha”, and The Line Editing is in Process by my Friend Beth, and I have not had success Acquiring a Cover Artist… I figure, I need to get these Changes Implemented, because November is going to potentially be a Busy Month in regards to Preparing this Book for Self Publishing… Especially if I want to Self Publish it in December, which is the ‘Lofty’ Goal… But may, or may not, be possible, depending on whether I can Find a Cover Artist, and get the Work done… Andddd, acquire the Funds to Pay said Artist (Unless I want the Cover to look like the Sketch up above to the Right here, Lol), and also Pay for an Editor for this Book… Which will hopefully be My Sister once more.

That’s where ‘Kickstarter’ might come in… But I’m hesitant to do another Kickstarter Project so close to the last… Though it was in June, so by November it will have been 5 Months… And to my Surprise, I did achieve the Goal Amount to not only Supply Rewards to the Contributors (Copies of my Novella “I Died Once”, Copies of my Poetry Book “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, and in some cases ‘Book Cover Posters’ of “I Died Once”)… As well as the funds to pay for the Editing.

The truth is, I’d need twice as much for what I need to get done on this New Book…

But, work being what it is, and that is Scarce, I just can’t swing it at the moment.

Hmm, another Tangent…


Wish me Luck, and Have a Good Sunday

Nuff Said



10 Responses to “Why Watch Football, When I Can Edit My Book?”

  1. I’m in the same process and it is daunting. I never knew writing was the easy part…

    • I suppose it’s different for everyone… For me Writing comes pretty easy, but I really needed to Create a Space, and Time for it, which is what I’ve done with My Blogs… And now that I’m in the habit of Writing, then yes, the rest of it is where the Real Work comes in, Lol

      Lots of steps basically… There were a lot more steps for My Novella than there was for My Poetry Book… And there a lot more for My Fantasy Novel now than with My Novella. But it’s a Work of Love/Passion, so it’s very satisfying.

      Thanks for the Comment Lorna


  2. Good luck DarkJade! You are so dedicated to this and I am sure all the tedious editing and the suchlike will be more than worth it in the end 🙂

    • Thank you so much Anna, I Think so too… It definitely was with my other two books… And this is my Largest Project yet, so I’m really looking forward to Completing it

      But this reminds me of a Friend of mine… Who you ask? Why ‘The Winter Warlock’ of course


  3. Hey DJ,
    It seems to me that you’re well on track 🙂
    I get you about having a “Printed Copy” to edit, I’m getting sick of reading on the screen, I’m at my last page of editing tonight, then still a few draft notes to add; but afterwards I’m printing!!!
    The Kindle Fire sounds awesome 🙂
    I also need to work on my cover, I can’t pay an artist so I’ll try by myself, but I wanted to ask you if you could send me the model you use for the IDO novella; I mean the file you had to upload in order to create a cover on the publisher website? like this I can see how do I have to do to create the front cover, the back cover and the side. I have no clue what kind of format I need to use for that 😦
    & Success with the work!

    • I forget what your book’s about? Awesome that you’re almost done. I’ll send you the document. Are you using CreateSpace? I know with CreateSpace you have to Choose the Size of your Books Pages… So My Document that I’m going to send you is based on the Size of the Pages.

      If you’re Pages are a different Height, or Width, you’ll need a different size document than the one I’m going to send you, yah know. I’ll let you know the Page Sizes that I went with. You have two of my books, and they’re both the same height and width. It’s the size I’ve gone with so far.


      • Going through my mails ahem…

        The book will talk about 7 Keys to Freedom (Freedom of Being), it’s a personal dev. book 🙂

        I’ll use Lulu I think ‘coz it’s French. I’ll work on that in January.
        I like your book format, although mine’ll be bigger but I want something that can fit in a bag so you can carry it around 🙂

        thx xo

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