November Is Here – Thanksgiving – Being Thankful

I came across some Really Cool Native American Art today… And it got me to thinking.

Now I didn’t grow up in a Religious Household by any means… No, for me, Holidays like Christmas, and Thanksgiving, basically had their own ‘American’ meaning.

Yes, for some These Holidays have to do with God, some have to do with Their Childhoods, some have to do with like I say, ‘American’ Culture.

And though I don’t feel that what happened to American Indians when we took over this Continent is right… I do accept it as part of American History, and also as part of the way the World Used to Work… And to a smaller degree, still does.

The Truth is, Native Americans had a Truly Beautiful Culture… Not that I know much about it… And I know that particular Tribes were most likely not as ‘friendly’ as others, so to speak.

None the less, in my opinion at least, there was a ‘Beauty’ about their Simplicity.

Hunt… Gather… Praise the Gods, or Spirits… Family… Tribal Community… Dance by Firelight

And much more, that I simply am not educated enough to touch on.

So being it is their Land that our Ancestors Took (No Animosity Intended, these are just the facts), I thought it might be kind of cool to share some Native American Art During the Course of the Month, like the one demonstrated above.

Not because we as Americans owe it to anyone… As the individuals on both sides are long gone… But merely as a way of saying, I Appreciate the Beauty of what they were… What they did… What they Believed in… And like I say, the Simplicity, and Spirituality of their People.

I’m not sure who did this piece of Art, but on future posts during the Month of November, I will try my best to supply that information along with the Pictures.

Nuff Said

Enjoy Your November

It is Truly one of my Two Favorite Months… The other being December


4 Responses to “November Is Here – Thanksgiving – Being Thankful”

  1. Yeah, I found out it is Native American Awareness month (or something like that). I really respect their values when it comes to honoring the land and creatures.

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