Dark Wind

Dark Wind

You are Unforgiving


Silence is your friend

Moonlight… Your Daylight Glow

As I do my best to ignore you

You will not let me go

You Request my Company

And Begin… Again

Why Won’t you leave me be

Give me Hope…

Set me Free

I should have seen this coming

Your Angry Heart…

Will Not Release me

I am like a Red Feather in the Wind

You Tear me down

Begin… Again

I Close My Eyes

Picture her Blond Hair…

You Wake me up

Dark Haired with Despair

I am Stronger than this

I Knock you to the Floor

Your Eyes Shed Tears of Blood

It’s You That I Adore…



4 Responses to “Dark Wind”

  1. This is beautiful, from the start it is so powerful and the end is twisted. I love it, but you knew that already 🙂

    • I must admit, you did cross my mind after I wrote “Tears of Blood”, Hee Hee

      I’m glad that you like it, going through a lot of change right now, coupled with the ‘typical’ Holiday Ghosts that Reappear every Holiday Season, which I’m sure will be with me through the Holiday Season.

      Thank you so much Anna for your Kind Words


  2. Beautiful poem with a perfect song : )
    Be Free DJ!

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