Sophia Cloud – Father

Sophia Cloud

by DarkJade

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Chapter Three – Father



Sophia Cloud stepss out of the questioning room, tossing the gold band that apparently belonged to her now dead husband, up and down in the air.

“MRS. CLOUD!” suddenly calls Detective Lolette Jones, also coming out of the questioning room after Sophia.

“Yes?” responds Malcolm Cloud’s real wife, who is waiting in a chair near by.

Sophia comes to a halt, and eyes the woman who is apparently her husband’s real wife.

She is a short dark haired woman… Maybe 30… Attractive… With a mink scarf, and diamond earrings.

Detective Jones realizing that she just yelled out “Mrs. Jones”, not thinking about how the two of them would both likely respond.

Sophia then walks over to the real Mrs. Cloud and holds up the gold band.

“This was your husbands” with this she drops it into Markus Cloud’s real wife’s hand.

She is in shock.

“Congratulations on the 8.3 million estate…” Sophia says as she walks away.

“Too bad he borrowed 8 million of it from me… I’ll see you in court” are Sophia’s last words as she leaves.




Joseph Eddington, a fifty something year old, distinguished/pompous looking man in a silver mustache, stands behind his large black desk, gazing out the window.

Sitting across from him is Sophia Cloud… His daughter.

“So let me get this straight… I offer you a 250 million dollar bank account, if you just come work for me, and not marry that fool Markus Cloud” with this he now looks at his daughter.

“And now you’re telling me, the 8 million your grandmother left you, you gave to him, and now he’s not only dead… But he was never really married to you?” her father finishes with a sneer.

Sophia has her head bowed a bit “Something like that”

Eddington goes to his desk, where he opens up his large black check book.

“Sophia, you’re an even bigger idiot than I ever thought possible” he says as he writes her a check.

He hands her a two million dollar check.

“Go get yourself somewhere to live… Then contact me in a week… My job offer is still open… But you’re only getting 125 million if you join me” he explains, which causes Sophia to look at him.

“You’ve gotta learn somehow… Now get out of here, I have an important investor coming in soon” he says as he goes to his liquor counter, and pours himself a glass of whiskey.

Sophia sits and stares at the 2 million dollar check… Disgusted with herself for taking it, she swallows her pride, and leaves.



Detective John Hollings sits at his desk, stirring his coffee with the back of a pen.

Detective Lolette Jones, his partner, steps into the office.

“Well… That’s that” she says as she sits at a chair in front of John’s desk.

“All the alibis seem to be air tight with the two Cloud Wives… How weird was that by the way” she says, but John is lost in thought.

“John? Are you listening?” she asks.

He looks up at her “Sorry Lolette… There’s just something strange about Sophia Cloud don’t you think”

“Well… Yeah… But that doesn’t make her a murderer” she replies.

“Yeah… But” he says.

“John… Let it go… We don’t have a case… No prints on, or near the body parts… The wives alibis sealed tight… We’ve got nothing” Lolette finishes, then stands up to leave.

“Yeah… I guess…” he solemnly replies, still stirring his coffee.


Markus Cloud’s real wife enters the up town restaurant, The Quandary. Sophia Cloud’s favorite hangout.

Sophia Cloud is sitting at her reserved table, drinking white wine.

Markus Cloud’s real wife walks up to the table and slaps down a check for 8 million dollars.

“I don’t want your money… In fact I don’t want anymore to do with you” she says, then turns to walk away.

Sopha lights a long cigarette “Good… This way I don’t have to kill you” replies Sophia as she takes a hit off her cigarette, which stops Markus’s wife in her tracks… But then she continues walking, and leaves the restaurant.

Sophia smiles and takes her father’s 2 million dollar check out of her purse.

“Sorry daddy…” and rips it to pieces.


PICTURE CREDIT – First Impressions

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