DarkJade – November 2012 Update

DarkJade – November 2012 Update

Chess With Agatha;

At the Forefront of My November Focus, is of course “Chess With Agatha“… The first of a Trilogy of Fantasy Novels that I started working on in January, 2012.

I allowed myself the first 6 months of the year to slowly Write the First Draft of the First Book, and then I sat it aside while I focused on getting My Novella “I Died Once” Self Published.

I ended up Self Publishing “I Died Once” at the end of August, and spent all of September Marketing it via Twitter, Facebook and My Blogs. I also got it into the Local Bookstore where I also have My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

During the month of October, I slowed up on the Writing of New Material, as I found I was building up a Backlog that I was not liable to ever catch up on, Lol

Cover Artist;

Also during October, I spent time Researching, and Contacting possible Artists for the Cover of “Chess With Agatha“… Most of which either didn’t reply to E-mails, or are too busy to take on new Projects.

But primarily I was waiting to receive Sample Sketch Drawings from a Possible Artist, and never did.

And so during the Month of November, I’m basically starting from Scratch in regards to a Cover Artist.

On a Positive Note, during the last couple days I Created a “Chess With Agatha” Facebook Page (Check it out if you’d like), and Used this Photo on the Left for the Image… The reason I chose this Photo, is there is a ‘Red and Blue’ Enchanted Forest in the Story, and besides I certainly couldn’t use my ‘Rough Concept Sketch” up above to the right here, Lol

On visiting this Site, my Cover Layout Co-Designer Kirsty asked me if the blue and read forest Image was going to be My Book Cover… And I said, sadly, I have no way of locating the actual Artist, so not likely.

But that got me thinking… As Kirsty is a Photographer, perhaps we could work with one of her Forest Pictures (Should she have any Forest Photos, or have access to a Forest so that she might take some), and Create Our own Blue and Red Enchanted Forest, and perhaps use it for the Cover?

This is a very Exciting Possibility, and one I wouldn’t have thought of, if she hadn’t asked me about this Photo… So thank you Kirsty.

Line Editing;

My good friend Beth is 2/3 finished with the Initial Line Editing of My First Draft, and will more than likely finish it up this month sometime.

Implementing Writing Changes;

Also in October (Or was it early November? Lol), I started to Implement some changes I made to the Story, that I had done during My ‘Clean Up’ of the Novel in October.

Actual Editing;

I Contacted My “I Died Once” Editor yesterday, and asked her what her availability is during the next couple months, and whether she thinks she’d have time to Start the Actual Finishing Editing of the Book with me.

She’s going to let me know.

Kickstarter/Cover Artist/Editor Funding Project;

Back in the Month of June, I did a Kickstarter Project to Generate some Funds to Hire an Actual Editor for My Novella “I Died Once”…

I just needed $200, but you also need to Supply Rewards to the Contributors, so the Goal Amount was enough to cover both the $200, and the Money Needed to Cover the Rewards… Which Varied from PDF Copies of the Novella, to Actual Copies of the Novella, to Copies of My Poetry Book, and in a couple cases, actual Book Cover Posters.

To my Surprise, the Project went rather well, and succeeded.

For “Chess With Agatha”, I will need not only Funds for an Editor, but also Funds to Hire a Cover Artist (Whether it’s my Photographer Friend, or someone else Drawing something from scratch)…

And so I found myself Hesitant to doing a New Kickstarter Project, as I had done one for My Novella in June.

But after waiting a decent amount of time, Yesterday it just hit me, that it’s time to do a New Kickstarter Project.

This one comes 5 Months after My Last, so hopefully a enough time has passed.

I have absolutely no clue if it will be a success, as was the case last time… But at the moment, My Finances being what they are, I really can’t afford to come up with the money Myself.

So I Created the New Project, and I’m waiting for it to be Approved by Kickstarter.

I’ll be sure to get you guys the Link should you like to take a look, or be part of it.

The Rewards to Contributors will be Signed Copies of My Books Etc… It will all be listed on the Site.

Self Publishing “Chess With Agatha”

Beyond that, the goal is still to Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” during the Month of December some time… Though this may, or may not be possible, depending on My Editor’s Availability, Whether I Come up with, and Get The Cover Completed in time, and of course am able to Generate the Funds Needed to Pay the Editor and Cover Artist.

Yes, it’s true, in a certain respect, “Writing” is the easy part, Lol

But it did take the last year for me to develop Good Writing Habits (Namely an average of 1,000 words a day or so), which has positioned me to try and take this story to the next level so to speak.

Beyond “Chess With Agatha”;

Beyond “Chess With Agatha”, there is My First of a Series “Allure” Vampire Novella which I’ve Written the First Draft of, and will need to start the Self Publishing Process all over again with…

But not only am I Excited about this, it isn’t likely to be until maybe February, 2013 before I really start to tackle it.

New Material;

My Goal was to take care of Self Publishing both “Chess With Agatha”, and “Allure” prior to really starting to work on My Next Books…

But what I’m likely to do, is to Start (Continue, as I’ve written the first few Chapters) Writing my Second Agatha Book (Iliad) in January 2013, exactly one year from when I started writing the First Book… And perhaps Start my Second Allure Book in February…

Beyond those two Series, who knows what I might end up coming up with, and/or Writing… My Mind is definitely open for a Whole New Thing.

And as we’ve now entered into the Winter Months, I know for me at least as an Artist, New Projects tend to Come to Life, much like “I Died Once” last November.

So we shall see

That’s all for now

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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  1. Whatever happens, happens for good. All the best finding the right artist for you.

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