Who Is This Destiny? And Why Is She Crying On The Porch

Who Is This Destiny? And Why Is She Crying On The Porch

It’s funny the types of things that come up when you type the word “Destiny” in Yahoo Search…

Take this picture on the left… I had the Choice of Posting a Beautiful Picture with a ‘Meaningful’ Message Attached to it… Or… I could have Posted one of the many, many Pictures of half naked girls who ‘happened’ to be named ‘Destiny’… Hmm

Or I could Post this Random ‘Sexy… Err… Pensive’ Muppet-ish Dog laying on the bed…

I went with the Muppet-ish Dog, Lol

But for the sake of ‘Meaningful’ Words, which actually can be pretty cool… I shall also include the ‘Beautiful Picture’ with Meaningful Words on it that I would have otherwise used, Lol

But in truth, this Post isn’t just about ‘Being The Master’ of your own Destiny… Which I pretty much believe is an important thing to incorporate into your Everyday Life… Especially if you’re a Dreamer Like Me, who aspires to… Well… Lets just say I ‘Aspire’, Lol

But beyond that, sometimes little torturous things like ‘Expectations’ and ‘Pressure’ come into play.

But things like ‘Hope’ and ‘Optimism’ can play their part as well.

Why am I talking about all of these things?

Well, as I sit here pursuing My Dreams, and also trying to make a living… I look around me and I see People battling ailments… Or on the verge of losing their homes… Or separating from their wives… And that’s just within my Family, Lol

I have found that Life is a blend of ‘What We Want’, ‘What We Happen To Get’, ‘What We Never Expected’, and a whole bunch of other things.

Take me for instance, I wanted to be a Professional Baseball Player at the age of 5… The closest I ever came to that was trying out for the JV Baseball Team in 10th Grade, and playing on my Company Softball team.

Truth be known, I never tried to pursue that dream… Which some dreams we don’t. But I will say, playing on the Company Softball Team ended up being a real cool thing… Even though it only lasted two seasons.

And though I had wanted to be a Professional Pitcher, I played a Catcher on the Company Team, and friggen loved it.

Ah yes, I remember it well, after a hard game of softball, I’d swing by McDonalds and buy a Large Orange Drink… How many of you knew that their Orange Drinks (Not Their Orange Juice) is actually Hi-C… Or at least it was, can’t be sure anymore, Lol

Haven’t had it in a while.

Anyway, I’m tangent-ing, Lol

My point being, I never even pursued that dream, and ended up having weeks of fun playing on the Company Team… Who knew?

And then came ‘Film Making’… My Second Dream, which I actually did pursue in 2000-2003… And walked away with hundreds of hours of ‘experimental’ film (Which is still on Hi-8 Film waiting to be converted), and actually made a Short Film and got it into a Film Festival in New York.

So even though I didn’t (Or haven’t so far) made this my Professional Career, I feel like I Succeeded/Achieved this Dream largely because of making the Short Film, and Getting it into the Festival. And I have to tell you, Pursuing something, and Achieving it on some level, changes you forever… And, leaves a satisfied feeling in your belly pretty much for an eternity.

Granted, I Never made the next “Star Wars” (Or at least not yet, Lol), but the ‘Essence’ of my Dream was to tell stories on film… Which I did actually achieve.

The Unforeseen Dream

And now I’ve been pursuing Writing as a Career for over a year now (Something I never thought, or knew I would want, or try to do), and have Self Published a Poetry Book, a 8 Page Partial Comic Book, and a Novella.

Like I say… Unforeseen. Like the Softball/Orange Drink thing, Lol

My Point I guess, is ‘Never Stop Moving Forward’… Sometimes you’ll achieve things you’ve sought to achieve… Sometimes you’ll fall into situations you never thought you’d be involved with…

But mostly, moving forward, looking forward, and leaving your eyes, heart, and mind wide open, can make your life more than you could, or would have ever thought possible.

And as far as that ‘Destiny’ Thing… Person… Etc. that’s sitting on your porch crying about what you ‘Haven’t’ achieved… Or ‘Done yet’… Or ‘May never do’… I wouldn’t worry about it.

Because more important than then the ‘Destination’ itself… And I know this is Cliche’… But it’s true… ‘Is The Journey’… And more important than the Journey… Are the things, truths, realities, experiences, people Etc. that you ‘Meet/Make/Know/Etc.’ along the way.

Trust me… I have hardly any extra money in my pocket… And I ‘Lack’ the Academy Award, Lol… But I can safely say, I started to Follow My Dreams and Passions 14 years ago, and have never looked back… And during that period, I’ve lived at least 10 life times, and achieved things I had never even imagined… And a couple that I was actually shooting for.

Nuff Said

Carry On

Thanks for Reading/Listening

I Leave you with a Scene of Inspiration (A Good Film… But A Great Scene)


PICTURE CREDITS – Destiny, Mongrels

2 Responses to “Who Is This Destiny? And Why Is She Crying On The Porch”

  1. You have the most important thing you will ever need. Drive the determination to succeed. All the best to you.

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