Payton The Time Mouse

Payton The Time Mouse

by DarkJade

“I Remember The Night Well…”

“July 4th One Would Tell”

“Some Kind Of Celebrating”

“Of Damsels”

“And Fools”

“Around Baskets Of Food”

“Like They’d Something To Prove”

“The Humans Were All Gathering”

“For Rainbows Of Lights”

“They Gazed Into The Night”

“Each Ending With A Large Boom”

“Along Came The Word”

“A Grandfather Clock”

“Would Not Turn”

“And So I Was On My Way”

“Nothing Else Left To Say”

“It Was Up To Me To Save The Day”

“Who Am I You Might Ask?”

“A Mouse For The Task”

“Payton The Time Mouse By Trade”

“Yes I Gathered My Tools”

“Quickly Made My Way To”

“This Old Clock That Sat Across The Bay”

“But That’s Ok”

“I Made My Way”

“The Quickest Way I Knew”

“And That Old Cat”

“Don’t You Worry About That”

“I’d Fix It”

“And Be Gone Before Two”

“And If I Did Not”

“In Its Stomach I’d Rot”

“Yes I’d Do The Best I Could Do”

“There She Stood”

“Built Of Gears”

“And Wood”

“What A Beauty She Was”

“Yes Indeed”

“I Worked All Night”

“While The Humans Watched The Sky”

“I’d Hardly Noticed The Kitty”



“There He Stood”

“One Sweep And He Could”

“Eat Me And Call It A Day”

“I Begged”

“And I Pleaded”

“He Yawned”

“Comfortably Seated”

“Little Mouse”

“I Don’t Have All Day”

“I Invited Him Home”

“No One Wants To Live Alone”

“When We Got There”

“We Sat”

“And Had A Long Chat”

“He Seemed Rather Nice”

“For A Cat”

“Suddenly It Struck Me”

“As He Smiled”

“And Purred”

“This Cat Wasn’t A He”

“It Was A Her”


PICTURE CREDITS – Grimling’s, The Paintings, Mouse Christmas, Black

3 Responses to “Payton The Time Mouse”

  1. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Oh wow I love that! Sorry I haven’t been by for a while we had a crazy time with Sandy! Hope all is good with you and I just love the mouse! ❤

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