“Chess With Agatha” – The Evolution Of A Book Cover

The Evolution of My “Chess With Agatha” Cover DJ-

James Patrick Mahoney

“Chess With Agatha” – The Evolution Of A Book Cover

Perhaps some of you remember My First Cover Concept Sketch… I said it then, and I’ll say it now, I’m ‘Not’ an Artist, Lol

Later My Eldest Sister, who also Edited My Poetry Book, and My Novella “I Died Once“, had a Concept that I Sketched up as well… The one to the Right.

Keep in mind now, my Cover Artist from My Novella was supposed to be doing some Sketches for me, but that never happened.



And so every now and then, a Sketch would just come out of me… Whether I could draw, or not, Lol

Partly out of Inspiration… Partly out of Frustration of not finding an Artist yet I suspect.

Either way, I kept moving forward with the Cleaning up of My Novel, and My Good Friend Beth has Line Edited most…

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