Sleepy Cat Trance Editing

Sleepy Cat Trance Editing

Ok, so I’m done Implementing my Changes to My “Chess With Agatha” Fantasy Novel… Now I’m looking to add some of the Grammar Corrections supplied to me from my Good Friend Beth, who is doing Line Editing on the First Draft.

Last time with My Novella “I Died Once” I made some of those changes, but for the most part I just had Printed Copies of the Changes by my side as I worked with the actual Editor of the Book.

And we’d kind of use it as a Second Opinion Check Point… It helped a lot.

This time however, in hopes that it will help to make the Time with The Editor a bit more Efficient, especially since it’s a Longer Book, I’m going to start to put in some of the Grammar Corrections now… That way when I actually get with My Editor, it will hopefully make it go even faster/smoother, thus compensating for the fact that it’s a Longer Book.

But what does any of this have to do with a “Sleepy Cat”? Well, I took this picture of muh Kitty yesterday cuz I thought he looked particularly Sleepy, and Cute, Lol

And since I’m starting to work with My Line Editing Changes, and once again Turning on some Trance Music to help me get through it, I thought I’d Share This Cute Picture of him with you all, Lol

On with the Music…


Rank 1 Awakening (Radio Edit)


Iio Rapture 2007 (Starkillers Dirty Girl Remix


Aspekt Hi Jack (DJ Tiesto)


Never Say Never Feat Jackqueline Govaert (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)




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