Conversations With Wizards – Mapping Out The 2nd Book Of A Trilogy

Conversations With Wizards – Mapping Out The 2nd Book Of A Trilogy

As many of you may, or may not know, I started Writing My First of what was intended to be a Trilogy of Fantasy Novels back in January, 2012.

With all the other Writing and Blogging that I do, I allowed myself, and/or gave myself a goal of Writing the First Book “Chess With Agatha” by June, 2012.

I ended up achieving this to the day if I remember correctly… Though I would have finished it earlier, but I had put it on hold while I dealt with the many, many steps leading up to Self Publishing My First Novella, “I Died Once“…

But once I got that up and running, and basically awaiting Editing, I started to continue Writing “Chess With Agatha” with the goal to Achieve the June Date.

That said, I even began Writing the 2nd Book, Titled “Iliad“, but quickly put that aside and decided I’d Write it in January once more, one year after I had started Writing the First.

There were several reasons for this… One of which is, I also Wrote the First of what I hope to be a Series of Vampire ‘Novellas’, “Allure” being the first, and so it’s important to me to spread things out a bit.

Right now, as I’ve been posting about lately, I am working on the Cover for “Chess With Agatha”, and started a Kickstarter Project in order to try and generate some funds for the Editor, and Cover Artist Costs.

I’m hopeful about Self Publishing this first of the Trilogy in December, but the way it’s going, I may not get it Published until January, 2013… We shall see.

But these things are not what this Post is about… No

As the rain has been coming down the last 4 or so hours, something that I didn’t realize would be the case… As I Love not only November, December and the Holidays… But I also very much Love the Rain…

And so it has summoned the Writer within me, and I found myself wanting to start ‘Mapping’ Out the Second Book in the Trilogy, “Iliad”.

So far I am finding it an Interesting, and Challenging thing.

The first thing I did was Print out the Prolog, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of “Iliad”, which, like I say, I had started several months back.

Once I did that, I read them just to refresh myself.

I have some General Concepts about the 2nd Book, but in truth, I have a lot of work ahead of me, in the Development, and/or Mapping of it.

This was not the case with the First Book.

With the First Book, I had a Tale to tell, and it simply Flowed for the First 2/3 of The Book…

At which point, I mapped out the Last Third of the Book… I had what I wanted to happen in my Head, but so much of the last part of the book is about a Great Battle that occurs between characters, that I wanted to make sure that it flowed right in the going back and forth of it.

That ended up working very well I think.

But with this 2nd Book like I say, I have a hand full of Concepts, and will basically need to Map Out the Remains of the Book.

I can safely say I have maybe 4 to 7 Chapters that I will be able to Write with what I have in mind… But beyond, much Exploring is to be had… Or, “Conversations With Wizards” as I call it… As there are ‘Many’ Magical Beings in this 2nd Book.

Today Marked My First Day at it, and it went Pretty Well

But I can definitely tell, I have a lot more work in the Mapping of it before I start Writing it in January… So I’m glad that My Writing Instincts Kicked in today, and got me working on the Set up of the Book.

That’s all for now

I’ll Continue to Update you on My 2nd Book Mapping as I go along

Thanks For Listening/Reading

And Have a Great Saturday


PICTURE CREDITS – “Chess With Agatha” Cover Concept Photo/Enchanted Forest by Kirsty @ La Plume Noire,

& Young Wizard

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