The Writer – Keeping The Dream Alive

The Writer – Keeping The Dream Alive

by DarkJade

I Find Myself in an Interesting Place

I just Read Two Different Articles with Completely Different Opinions about “Giving Free” Copies of your Ebook away.

One Article seemed very Intelligent, and left me feeling like it would be a good Idea to Give a Copy of My Novella “I Died Once” away…

Followed by a Second Article, that was pretty much saying that Social Media basically Creates More Social Media, Lol

As opposed to Book Sales that is.

There are Certain Built in ‘Inner Conflicts’ in pursuing a Professional Career as a Writer.

Conflicts I also ran into when I was briefly pursuing Film Making for a Few years.

And they are this…

1) Yes, I’d Like to be Making a Living from My Writing…

Nothing wrong with that… Right? Being Paid for what your Passionate about… Not having to do a 40 hours a week Office Job Etc…. Or so it was with me anyways

Yes, for me it went something like this…

  • Bus Boy at a Restaurant (First Job)
  • Box Boy, then Meat Clerk at a Market (Like, 3rd and 4th Job)
  • 5 Years of Data Entry, and/or Office Jobs (Arghh, Artificial Lighting, Lol)
  • 6 1/2 Years Inside Sales (I actually did well at this, but was completely fried on Sales by the end of it)

Before I finally said $@#$ it! and walked away from the High Paying Job, and started to take other more basic jobs to pay the bills while I pursued Film Making.

Granted, I didn’t have any Kids, so it was a bit easier to take this kind of Risk…

I then spent the next 3 years Pursuing Film Making, whilst taking an assortment of jobs to pay the bills, eat, and roof over my head kind of thing.

And I have to tell you, it was completely Satisfying.

Then I ran into some Medical Issues which slowed me up a bit… Don’t worry, I’m fine now… But during this time where I found myself at Home a bunch, I shifted My Film Making pursuits into Screenplay Writing Pursuits.

Yes, I spent a lot of time Watching Old Classic Movies, which got me even Further In Touch with ‘True’ Story Telling… But it also turned me off the Current Film Industry a bit, which made shifting to Screenplay Writing from Film Making a bit easier then if My Health had Forced me to Give up My Dream.

Wrote Screenplays for a couple years, without being able to establish an Agent (Though I only sent a Hand Full of Query Letters Out), then sat Writing down for a while… These are things I’ve mentioned before. Yes, I fell in love, and played lots of World of Warcraft for a while, Lol

But I needed the Break… I’d Worked from the age of 15, and then went right into Passionately Pursuing My Dreams for 6 Years after that…

But mostly the Medical Scare, though I got through that, Created the Need to just take a Break for a bit.

And last year, just as I was about to get into Writing again, My Girlfriend and I broke up…

Two Months later, I Created This Blog, and spent the Next Year+ Writing, and Writing, and Writing. (The Goal was to get into the Habit of Writing, which Worked, 800-1,200 Words Per day on Average)

A Lot of Poetry… A Lot of Blog Stories… My “I Died Once” Novella… My Up and Coming Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”… And My Vampire Series “Allure” which I will Publish as Short Novella’s next year…

And That’s when I began Self Publishing My Own Work

But first, My 2nd Point about Why I Want To Write

2) I’m a Storyteller… I want to Get My Stories Out, and Share them with People that might Enjoy the Worlds, and or Characters I Create.

For this I largely Blame George Lucas… His First Two “Star Wars” Movies not only Inspired me to be a Film Maker… They also Inspired me to be a Storyteller.

Sure, he’s not the Greatest Writer in the World… There is a Strong Simplicity to the Actual Script and Dialog of his Films…

But… His Story Concept… Story Scope… And Characters… Were Brilliant, Interesting, and Diverse.

Yes I was there… I was a young kid when I saw these first two Films… And it not only Changed The Film Industry… It Changed the World.

Well… At least for me.

But My Points are this

1) I Want to be a Professional Writer… Be Paid To Weave Tales, and Share them with People

2) I Want to Write Stories, Tell Stories, and Share Stories with as many People as care to Check them out. To Connect with the Readers, and possibly even be Inspired by other Writers as well. Which by the way I have been in the last Year+ that I’ve been Writing/Blogging.

So when I look at the Possibility of Giving Out Free Digital Copies of My Novella “I Died Once” (Something I hadn’t planned on doing)… Whether it Generates Future Interest in me as a Writer, and Perhaps My Future Books or not… One thing that it does for sure, is Share the Stories in My Head with as Many People as are Interested in taking a Peak.

Nuff Said

Thanks For Listening/Reading



10 Responses to “The Writer – Keeping The Dream Alive”

  1. Interesting post James! And yes by sharing your novella freely, you’re sharing your story, it’s not only a marketing strategy to get readers but if you love to tell stories, you love to have them read. People sometimes wonder why spending so much time in a blog or writing when it doesn’t bring any cash; but it’s simple: it does bring something, an inestimable value: sharing what you love to do. It may bring you new readers, new followers, it may also inspire young writers, but it will definitively brings you joy from being read and the motivation to write more or even improve your writing when necessary, because of your readers 🙂 It’s all good 🙂 What you give, you shall receive in multiple! XO

    • Yeah, I Love Blogging… But what I Love most is Storytelling… My goal is to Write Professionally, partly because it becomes harder and harder pouring your time into something you don’t feel passionate about… Such as Medical Sales, which is something I did for 6 1/2 years… And though What I learned doing this is indispensable in regards to business and sales in general… After 6 1/2 years of it, I was truly fried, Lol

      But you’re right… My Readers have definitely inspired at least 40% of what I Write I’d say… Through their ‘Likes’, and or Comments… Such as you with My “Allure” Story

      Thanks for all that you do, and all that you say H… None of it is lost on me



      • And you’re great at it; storytelling that is!

        Thanks 😉

        ps: ooooh there’s snow on your page, Xmas time uh 😉

        • Lol, Yeah WordPress does the snow automatically… You’re able to turn it off, but I like it

          And thanks for the compliment



          • lol i thought you had done it with your Xmas mood 😉

            • Lol, I thought you might think I had done it, Lol

              My Xmas mood is a bit blue right now… My eldest sis might not come on Christmas Eve cuz she wants to be with her hubby and he will probably be with their new dog which it looks like they’re keeping now

              And my mom’s like “we can just not do a Christmas thing”… She’s always quick to say “lets cancel Christmas”, which bugs me, cuz it’s important to me… I sound like a kid, Lol

              But Christmas brings out the kid in me… I used to always insist on a big Tree, cuz it didn’t feel like Christmas if the tree was taller than me, and I’m 6 feet, Lol

              I’m ok with smaller trees now, Lol… Though bigger is better, Lol

              It will sort itself out



              • Maybe she doesn’t enjoy Christmas as much as you do, maybe it reminds her of things she’d prefer to forget, or the idea of being “not all together” reminds her of a time where you guys weren’t…

                Maybe you can show her that new tradition can be built, with a different Christmas, where your Sis isn’t there. Plus you can video cast her at midnight and do the Merry Christmas all together thanks to Skype lol
                Anyway I’m sure your Mom knows how important this is to you, she’ll be happy to celebrate 🙂

                Btw, do you exchange gifts on Christmas?

                Good night, xo

                • The holidays are a mixed bag for my mom… She always seems to get depressed, but in the end enjoys it. Kinda happens every year… I suspect she misses her dad, and family from when she was a kid… Lots of uncles, and all are gone but one. I’m the opposite, I Love Christmas partly because we’ve had so many Good Memories through all the years. Since all the kids grew up, we’ve been celebrating on Christmas Eve for years now… Good Food, Fireplace, and Lots of Singing… It’s harder when I’m single, as I’m just a Romantic… But I still enjoy it very much. Also, My Sis is going to come for a bit, just not stay as late.

                  We only give presents if we can afford it… It’s never been a focus on Christmas Eve, it was only a focus when we were kids… Now no one expects gifts, but some still give little gifts, or baking or hand made stuff… Gifts are always a pleasant, unexpected surprise if they come.



  2. Home-made Gifts are always (okay, mostly, lol) a treat 🙂
    We aren’t big on gifts either. I mostly make things for a few people and that’s it. At the moment I’m de-cluttering my place lol, so I’m giving away a bunch of stuffs and people are happy, it’s like Xmas 🙂 Xo

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