Let Me Down

Let Me Down

by DarkJade

“The Darkness Wore Me Like A Coat…”

“The Weight Of It Nearly Brought Me Down”

“To A Place Lower Than I Already Am”

Journal Of Richard Harris Morgan~


Driving on a road leading deep into the snowy cliffs of Big Bear Mountain, is a brand new black Range Rover.

At the wheel is Jonah Morgan, brother of the acclaimed Writer, Richard Morgan, who is in the back seat of the vehicle gazing out the window at the snowy mountains around him.

In the passenger seat is Lousie Bradha, Richard’s Agent, and very good friend.

“Are you quite sure you want to live alone all the way up here in the mountains Richard?” asks Jonah.

“It’s true Richard, all you get are ski bunnies and ‘powder bros’ up here” interjects Louise.

“I’m sure” Richard responds still looking out the window.

“”Powder Bros”?” questions Jonah towards Louise.

“You know… Snow Boarders… I guess that’s what they’re calling them these days” she replies.

“I’ll be fine you two… Chances are I’ll hardly leave the cabin… Even when they set this vehicle up for me to be able to drive” speaks Richard slapping his crippled legs.

The vehicle makes its way through the main town, and up further into the mountains where homes are becoming scarcer and scarcer.

“And are you really sure you want to switch over to this ‘Comic Book’ type of Writing? I mean… I know anything that you write is likely to sell… But” Louise says, but is interrupted.

“I’m not “Switching Over”… I’m just giving something different a try… I’ve written 30 books in crime drama Louise… I need a break” Richard explains.


After slowly winding up, and through some seriously dangerous roads, they finally reach a large dark wood cabin.

“Wow” speaks Jonah.

“That is truly beautiful Richard” adds Louise.

Jonah pulls into the driveway.

Jonah and Louise get out, Louise wandering towards one of the side views of the cabin, over looking the snowy mountains below.

“Wow” she says to herself.

Meanwhile Jonah opens up the back of the Range Rover, pulls out a folded wheelchair, opens it up, and brings it to Richard.

But Richard is already out of the truck with a cane.

“I won’t be needing that brother” speaks Richard.

Jonah seems surprised.

“Richard, are you sure?” he questions.

Meanwhile Richard has already slowly started making his way to the cabin stairs, cane in hand.

“Alright” Jonah says under his breath as he puts the wheelchair back in the truck, and grabs several bags of groceries.

“Let me help you Richard” Louise then slowly helps Richard up the stairs.

Its then that Jonah notices the custom license plates on Richards Range Rover.


“The Beast? Hmm” he says, then makes his way to the stairs as well.



The three of them step into a nice size, cozy living room.

Off to the side there is a large fireplace, and Jonah starts to make a fire.

“I’ll go throw together some supper” says Louise as she takes the groceries off the coffee table where Jonah had left them.

“Your ride will be here soon Louise” speaks Richard.

She sits the groceries in the kitchen, and then a large whirring sound comes from outside.


Louise looks out the window and there is a helicopter landing on a field maybe 200 yards away.

She walks back into the living room.

“A helicopter Richard? You’re not made of money” she says with a half smile.

“It didn’t cost that much… I know a friend, who knows a friend up here who gives helicopter rides” he explains.

“Well, the Pilot can eat dinner with us, cuz I’m not leaving just yet” says Jonah with conviction.

Richard smiles “Very well, Louise let the pilot know he’s staying for dinner when he gets to the door”.



Richard is standing at the window leaning on his cane.

Outside a soft snow is falling.

“RICHARD! DINNER’S READY!” Louise calls from downstairs, but he does not stop looking out the window.

“You’d better go Richard” a soft woman’s voice suddenly says surprising Richard.

But when he turns around to see who it is, there is nothing, but a blue sliver mist that quickly fades away.

“What the” he says, then his brother Jonah comes in.

“You better get down there Richard, before Louise comes up here after you” speaks Jonah with a smile.

Richard looks pale.

“Are you alright Richard” Jonah says seeing his state.

“Oh… I’m fine” he says, then starts to make his way out of the room, cane in hand.




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